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Thread: Things that tick you off

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    Things that tick you off

    Here's one:

    What is something that makes you go "BOOM"? It can't be just a simple pet peeve, or something that makes you grumble grumble grumble. It HAS to be something that makes you start dropping f-bombs, screaming, kicking, etc.

    If you can go ahead and list one thing that make you go nuts, and one honorable mention.

    For me it has got to be ONLINE GAMING against other people. I'm a very competitive person and I leave it all on the online playing field, don't like to lose. So when I have to team up with people who doesn't understand the concept of teamwork in a team game, I lose it. Expect profanity, questioning other players' sexual orientation, and occasional sofa punching. After that, however, I'm back to the mellow o' me.

    Honorable Mention:
    Bad drivers on the road. People who are not aware of what's going on outside their car, driving slow on the fast lane, driving fast on the slow lane, etc. They put everyone in danger and get others late for work. Those folks always get me to the edge of calling 911 and reporting them as drunk drivers, but never really push me to the point.

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    Re: Things that tick you off

    What grinds my gears:

    Co-workers who spend more time gossiping and gabbing than doing any actual work. I work myself to the point of exhaustion and mental instability, and while I don't expect other people to have my near-insane work ethic, I get seriously pissed off at anyone who whines about how hard their job is when they only do any work for about 3 or 4 hours out of an 8 hour workday. I keep my cool, and manage to get through my day without slapping any of these people, but once I get home, I rage to anyone who'll listen about my lazy, worthless co-workers.

    Honorable mention:

    People who just won't shut up about their kids. Actually, this one is gaining on the work thing lately. Whoop-de-doo, you can procreate. Big deal. I like kids as much as the next person, but good god, do I really have to sit and listen to someone drone on for an hour about how little Billy made his first poopy? And it's not like I'd even have anything to add to the conversation if it weren't totally one-sided, unless I felt the need to throw in talk of my cats' exciting lives of sleeping and being able to use a litter box.
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    Re: Things that tick you off

    hn I've got one~!

    People at work who kiss up to the boss and think they're all that then get promoted when they really didn't do anything. That annoys me so bad~! They think they're so much better than everyone else just because they're "best friends" with the boss. And they don't even work~! And what's even worse, if they get kicked up to assitent maneger just because they're good friends with the boss! I mean, I have to hold myself back from knocking them out every day~! It just makes me go home and scream into my pillow! >.<

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    Re: Things that tick you off

    gosh.. let me see *get's out huge list* XD

    people who drive right up your backside when your doing the speed limit. That annoys me to the point where I end up slowing right down just to annoy them, provided it's safe to do so (and not on a highway or something).

    Kinda adding on to what gren said, It kinda gets on nerves when some one talks constantly and boast constantly to everyone about their childs achievements and because of it..that child has a big head...

    But what really annoys me the most is when people hold onto the past too much, particularly when it comes to grudges. Your not doing yourself or any one a favor when you dwell on past mistakes or make yourself a better person for not likeing some one because of something small they did to you in the past

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    Re: Things that tick you off

    There really are a couple things that tick me off.

    One of them is being told to do something, then asked to do another thing, then being asked why both of them aren't done.

    The second is linked to the first: Being told that my job isn't done yet when I haven't even finished.

    The next is people who think they know what they are talking about, even when I have proved them wrong.

    Then there's smug, superior people, I take great joy in bringing them a peg and showing them some humility.

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    Re: Things that tick you off

    Things that makes me tick.

    Here's one:

    Whenever I see man to man/ woman to woman relationship, I shivers.
    I guess, I'm kinda disgusted to them. (No offense though.) Sorry!
    Yeah, something like that.
    And when I see dead people.

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    Re: Things that tick you off

    arrogant people
    People who drive HELLA slow
    People who think they know it all but they truely know ****.
    People who leave the cap off the toothpaste
    People who just dont know how to shut up and take a hint.
    People who say they ove you but really dont
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    Re: Things that tick you off

    What ticks me off ?

    Hmm people that think they know every thing in the world.But have no clue what there doing and yell at people that are trying to do some thing that they have no clue but but yet act like they do.Another would be gaming i hate to loose i hate it.when ever i am playing agents some one else and i loose i usually punch my pill or some thing if i loose to much.
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