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Thread: Things that tick you off

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    Re: Things that tick you off

    Well lets see... I think the worst one of mine would have to be my over competitiveness. I'm really bad at it. It dosen't really matter what it might be, it could be as simple as an argument to sports or other competition areas. If I'm in it, I'm in it to win it all! But atleast in front of the other competitors I'm a good sport and if I lose I will congratulate those who win. But once away from the main crowd, watch out!

    As for honorable mentions, it would have to do with my line of work. I work with dogs, so when one bites me for no reason I will snap. As far as I'm concerned that dog had best make that one bite really count, because when I get hold of them they will be sorry that they ever thought of biting me. I have even taken on a full grown Shepard before. I'm not saying that I didn't have any marks, but I did get the dogs full respect when I was through with them. Don't get me wrong here, I do love dogs. I just can't stand when they bite for no reason.

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    Re: Things that tick you off

    i cant stand annoying ppl! those which complain about everything and dont make up their mind easily... these ppl make me feel like im going to explode!

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    Re: Things that tick you off

    People who just stop talking to others without a good enough reason.
    Example: One of my friends, who i'm not going to mention the name, has been there for me for as long as i remember, we could carry on conversations for hours and still have things to talk about, we were practically one and the same. We were close but not close enough to date, although depending on how you look at it.... Anyway.. we never dated or anything but I text him and he's over at his friends house giving her a massage, so I didn't talk to him i talked to her, well we got into a fight and she forbid him to have any contact with me whatsoever. So guess what he did.... he stopped talking to me. It wasn't a good enough reason... the girl wasn't even his girlfriend... so yeah.. it ticks me off when people do that. I had another incident with a friend of mine who wasn't technically dating me but it was practically said and done. Well he up and out of the blue had a girlfriend and so we talked and everything but i haven't heard a single word out of him in like 2 almost 3 weeks. Then there's this other time where me and my best friend, well ex best friend were talking and everything, having fun but i haven't heard a word from here since i moved, and yes we have plenty of ways to get a hold of eachother. I've tried several times but i don't get a reply... But yeah..

    Honorable Mention:

    Oh.. (even though i do it on occasion) is when people smile and say that they're fine when you know they're not
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    Re: Things that tick you off

    I hate people who control fates of others and crush them because of selfish uses ...
    I hate people who choose one perspective on life's issues and don't want to improve or change them ...
    I hate ignorant people who want to live life but never want to think about it ...
    I hate people who's noses are up the sky upon others ...
    I hate people who act and try to be someone that they're not .. living in an illusion
    I hate people who act friendly with you until their need which you fulfilled is done and then it's like we never met before ...
    I hate people who don't return favors and blame you because they want selfishly to ask favors and not return any ...
    I hate people who kill and don't feel any guilt at all ... lost people without any consciousness left ..
    I hate treachery and betrayal most of all things in the world ...

    That's a list of things i see daily in my and other lives ...
    Life and Death are always one and the same

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    Re: Things that tick you off

    Now, let’s see. I’ve got a few.

    When I’m driving I really hate if someone cuts me off or is running on my bumper when I am going the speed limit. If either one happens, it always sets me off. I’ll be cussing my head off if I’m alone and I have to take deep breaths to calm down. There was one time when I was trying to get out of a parking and some guy was so focused on getting out before me that he almost ran a girl over.

    I really hate close-minded people. They are people who will rant about something but will never listen to other people’s opinions. You can tell them something but if just goes through one ear and out the other. They point out something and you could say something to disprove their statement but instead of listening to it they’ll just keep ranting on and bring up that point again. They also have the tendency of cussing you out, too, since your belief differs from theirs.

    I also can’t stand unappreciative people. The kind where you could break your back for them and they slap it right back in your face with complaints. It seems that nothing is good enough in their eyes. There’s a lot of people in my extended family who are like that. They always ask my dad for money and my dad has given to them countless times. He has helped get them really good jobs but they always walk out on them. My dad has helped them get new cars. He has done everything he can to get them out of a bad situation but in the end it does no good. And in the end my dad still ends up with the label of being a selfish slob. It makes me want to scream.

    Also, slow computers. Plain and simple . . .

    Honorable Mention

    One word. Hypocrites. I can’t stand them. I realize and accept that their have been definite moments in my life when I have done something hypocritical. But it’s the people who do it on a regular basis and never try to better it that gets on my nerves. The teachers at my school are the worst offenders. For the past two years my school has been enforcing a nutritional program. They basically have been giving us very healthy food, health drinks, and water when it’s lunch time. The snack machines are filled with healthy snack foods and the soda machines all have healthy choices. But where is the hypocrisy at? Well, if you go in the school office and go into the teacher’s lounge and you’ll find a snack machine filled with snickers, reese cups, skittles, and other treats of the sort. There are other examples but this post is long enough as it is.

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    Re: Things that tick you off

    I absolutely HATE Stereotypes, or anything concerning the word "Emo" "Goth" etc
    This has driven me crazy time and time again because it's stupid to make fun or differenciate someone because they:
    -Dress Different
    -Act Different
    -Have Different Hobbies
    Why people can't just accept something like this is freakin' annoying! For Christ Sakes!
    Just one mention of the word "Emo" can set me off so bad that I even choked someone at my school once for doing it. It seriously sickens me to see how stupid people are.

    Honorable Mention:
    Going along with my other one, it drives me insane whenever someone, even to the slightest insult, is being made fun of. Physical and mental abuse could eventually kill someone and seriously ruins people's lives and makes them miserable.
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    Re: Things that tick you off

    What really ticks me of... lets see...

    Dogs :

    They piss me off all the time... especially strays or dogs that their owner don't give a damn at and let them roam around the neighbourhood... crapping here and there... biting my new shoes... sleeping on my porch leaving hair and nasty smell...peeing into my air conditioner fan which is placed outside... having sex infront of my door.. ~.~ run after my friends making them scared to go near my house... having fleas and infect my siblings and myself once... god how i hate dogs...

    Honourable Mention :

    Man... if you want to keep a pet.. take good care of them and love them... not let them astray and only feed them ... at least tie them or keep them in you own house... what you doing is making the neighbours crazy and angry... who would be happy to have a crap filled road to your house? sheesh.... You own it... and it means the responsibilities are on you... no one else...

    ( I called the dog catcher once and they killed this one dog which was in a very bad condition... i ended it's misery... at least.. and lessen my own... don't like the drops of blood and maggot left behind where it slept at which is usually infront of my door.. it's gross, disgusting and dirty..)

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    Re: Things that tick you off

    Yep and they kill things and drag them onto your porch your like what the @@@@ you know what i mean rayme .

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