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Thread: Things that tick you off

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    Re: Things that tick you off

    I can't think of many things that DON'T make me ticked off. I get angry REALLY easy.

    Things that don't Tick me off:


    Everything else...basically has the chance of getting me...just...blah

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    Re: Things that tick you off

    i get absolutely ticked off by people who dont do their work.
    i hate it how when my teachers are explaining something or talking to the class, students just continue on with their conversation
    with someone else or just bouncing around and making loud noises that are distracting to people who actually do come in school to learn.
    It would be nice to think that a rule should be "do the heck you want...as long as you dont distract others." then i'm good

    Honorable Mention:
    People who type "lol" constantly!
    Better yet...people who type in one word responses =.=
    everytime i see a "lol" or one response i go crazy! too many people use "lol"
    so be creative and talk more than "lol" x.x plus when i see a one word reply
    im thinking that person is lazy and doesn't care about replying or me.

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    Re: Things that tick you off

    Quote Originally Posted by ketaro View Post
    Call me crazy and shite, but crying infants tick me off the most. When i hear them cry i wish i could punch them in the face so they can stop crying.
    Yeah, it's bad. ESPECIALLY in my favorite resturants and sh*t! I always feel like Brian from Family Guy.

    "Waaaa! Waaaa! You guys just tune this out?! Waaaaa! Well tune this out!! WAAAAAAAA!!"

    Ugh... It's like needles in my ear!! And, who the hell brings thier infants to a friggin' MOVIE THEATRE??? I swear it's so annoying when I'm tryin' to watch a movie I've been waiting for--what feels like--centuries and some rude jack hole decides they wanna bring thier infant triplets!!!

    I understand that parents gotta have fun, but there's a time and a place for everything. You wanna watch a movie in the theatres, then get a baby sitter!

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    Re: Things that tick you off

    Quote Originally Posted by Lasura View Post
    ^^ I feel just the same. I just can't stand to not be the best (that's why I love to be the only student in my A levels )

    Sometimes ignorance really, really buzzes me off, if people just don't see what's going on, especially if it's about other people's feelings... I just can't stand it... Both when something doesn't notcie that I am upset (yea, egoistic, I know, but if I feel really BAD, I forgive myself ) and when people just ignore what other people feel.

    And when people do bad things around me. It just ticks me off!!!! Literally! I might just jump in a fight like a lioness and tear someone appart with my bare hands (at least that's how I feel)

    The worst thing is when both of those things mix together (actually that's just the thing that happens the most). I remember when we sat in the corridor and my best friend laughed at the people pasing by, at first it was funny, because she was saying really silly things, like: "He is like a sosage!" (I mean it's not even an offence)
    But then she got louder and more serious and people started hearing, and there were people who really got upset and then I got really mad... It's just wrong to hurt people's feelings. I, being one of the people who just start to cry when someone says something evil to me, know that very well. It's like the worst thing you can do to a person- worse than hurting him fizicaly. The saying "sticks and stones might break my bones, but words will never hurt me" is a very silly saying, though I guess it WAS made just to make people feel better...
    Damn... Those are most of the other things that tick me off. Totally understand where you're coming from, especially with the negative comments and wanting to be the only student to have As...

    The stuff in my last post were things that were things that offended my psyche. Here are a few things that don't offend my ego at all, but I still hate...

    When people yell and scream when there isn't an emergency. IPU, I hated being in a choir during the Junior High years... The girls around me (apparently there's some stigma with guys who aren't tone-deaf XD), all of them, they're too loud... I just couldn't figure out how people with such ear-piercing voices sing so beautifully. (o_e) it doesn't make any sense... I've nearly gotten into fights with people who're just loud and obnoxious when they can control themselves. "Please be quiet," I asked them in a suppressed voice (raising your voice damages your vocal cords). Any of my epers that I ask this, they iether ignore me, or say "I can do whatever I want", or some crap like that, which makes me all the more angrier... I have to force myself to plug my ears; I'm always conflicted on whether to let it go and plug my ears, or end it once and for all with a jab to their face. Of course, battery charges always compel me to plug ym ears and walk away, but once, I really did hit someone once... but they took it as an accident, so it's all good and well.

    For some reason, this doesn't apply to wailing infants... I don't know, maternal instincts? Except when it comes to something like watching a movie...

    Honorable Mention for sensory discomfort:
    Oh, and I hate loud-mouthed toddlers. When I was small like that, I only talked when it was convenient for everyone. I wasn't like the spoiled and annoyingly stupid brats that I hear every day now... Perhaps it was the way I was raised... Don't get me wrong, I love little kids, but... Wait, no, I don't really love them. Too many bad impressions involving damage to my ear drums.
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    Re: Things that tick you off

    Things that tick me off...

    One of them is that when people bring their children that act like little brats and think that the world should bow down to them to a restaurant. One time me and my mother were sitting in a booth at a Chinese restaurant, a woman came in with her daughter and the little girl kept cussing at people, spitting at people who walked by and kept trying to get out of her chair when someone looked at her wrong, this kept up until the woman pulled the girl out of her chair and rushed to the bathroom.

    Another one is really stuck up people, and people making fun of other people when they aren't so perfect either. Makes me want to jump at them like a lion... and well... you can guess the rest but that's just how I feel.

    If I named anymore things this message would just get way to long. ^^;;;

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