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Thread: Things you want to say but...

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    Re: Things you want to say but...

    well when me and my bf were just firends i was gonna tell him i liked him a long time before i did but i chickened out but then i gained abit of courage and told him and he told me he liked me too! and he told me he had a crush on me for a while before like all that was in my head was like wow!
    and were still strong and great together so im 100% happy and i do not regret telling him one little bit!!!

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    Re: Things you want to say but...

    Quote Originally Posted by beast View Post
    You really should try to say more though because you have such interesting opinions, and insights. But i know how being a woman in that culture can be contraining. i have finally told some one else how i feel about them.
    XD thank you !~ this is the first time i hear that i have insights X3 and i am really happy becasue of that Nu~ ... T,T i know i have to try saying more but like you said it is a culture thing >< WAAAA to tell you the truth i haven't talked to a guy face to face or the way i talk to my friends on internet o.O becasue when we are kids the girls in a way and the boys in another way so we got use to not talking to guys that much XD well i don't at all i am a very shy person you know Eheee~ ^_- lol ...

    Quote Originally Posted by RayMe View Post
    well there'd be a day when the boxes would be.. so many that you may never contain them... they'll spill out like milk~
    WAAAA why like milk >< lol i hate milk .. maybe that is why i am a little short o.O lol XD if it going to to spill like milk then it will never spill with milk lol ... =^_^=
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    Re: Things you want to say but...

    I was accused of something I did not do at work, I left and the guy whose stuff I supposed vandalized always thought it was me. Before I left I wish I had told him I did not do it. I mean I was leaving I had nothing to lose. But that guy made a decision he hated me and that might have changed it, might have not.

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    Re: Things you want to say but...

    You know, now that my Grandpa isn't around anymore, I will finally have the chance to tell my Grandma off. Tell her that is a horrible person, and that she is now dead to me because I have no reason to ever see her again after my Grandfathers funeral. At least I don't feel like I have to smile and respect that horrible woman anymore just because we share a little blood. The only thing that ever stopped me before is that I didn't want to out my Grandpa in the middle of it. I find the best way to dishonor an older family member is to forget about them, so that is exactly what I will do to my Grandma after I tell her what I think about her stupid old wrinkly face.
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    Re: Things you want to say but...

    i don't say a thing i bottle it all up now. the last time i told someone how i fell what im thinking it ended with a fight and that was not the worst part i got angry and i won and then my life changed im still sad about what happend after. also i dont say things to my perants because there still geting used to me growing up and they were a bit overprotective
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    Re: Things you want to say but...

    Quote Originally Posted by RayMe View Post
    Wow.. must have been quite a catch eh scourge?
    Uhhh... I am not sure what you exactly mean by that but ok, thank you.

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    Re: Things you want to say but...

    Quote Originally Posted by Artistic Anarchy View Post
    People need to hear what your thinking or else no one will pay attention.
    Agreed. How will anyone ever know you, or know what your feeling if you don't tell them? A closed mouth doesn't get fed... So to speak.

    Although, I have to deal with people on a daily basis. I've always worked in customer service and in office settings. "People pleasing", I guess. So, in a professional setting, I gotta censor myself to a certain degree.

    With my family, however, I don't hold back. I never have. I was kinda the black sheep in my family, so I always had something to say when it came to certain things.

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