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Thread: Those Awkward Moments

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    Those Awkward Moments

    Yay Awkward moments! Now, I'm sure we've all encountered them, hell probably even created them. And I'm curious to your reaction to them or got any fun stories OF awkward moments?

    See, I'm that guy who usually creates awkward moments with what I say. And I usually keep it quit until I say something again. However another reaction of mine is "WHAT?! WOW....OK!" I have two stories to give an example! =D

    One day at school two people were talking. One was my friend the other guy I didn't know who he was. So I just walked in between them and said "Yeah, I touch little boys too." That gave out a fun awkward silence. They stared at me, I just look straight foreward like nothing happened. Then I jsut said "Totally belong in this conversation."

    Another one was my friend Cody and I were talking about Star Wars again when he just interrupted and said "So over the weekend I had a mans hand up my ass."
    "Yeah, what's worse is when he removed it, it was covered in blood."

    Then he explained to me how he was at the Doctors and he's anally bleeding....very awkward.

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    Re: Those Awkward Moments

    Yeah I have many awkward moments......many I have created and many have happen to me...

    Okay here is an example of one I created.....talking about sex with my friends...
    Okay this viriginia said this guy david had a lizard in his pants (actual animal)...we were torturing her about that..then when were at lunch we were sitting there.....I asked david hey hows ya lizard doing there in your pants real loud everyone at the table looked at us...I was embrassed.

    Then here is an example of one happening to me....I was sitting there in my spanish class talking to my friend brittany....then something was happening between the teacher and a student john(hottie)....so I looked over she was telling him to sit down....I stared at him at he was walking down the row.....and when he reached me he sat on my lap....I pushed him off and everyone was looking at me....I told him to ge off of me....he said what my butt is clean I take baths and everything.....lol.

    so those are just two of my embrassing moments.

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    Re: Those Awkward Moments

    I have a friend that creates awkward moments all the time by acting so childish and he is 26. A recent account is we were at a store playing Mario Kart for the Wii and he was donkey kong and I had won all the races up till then. When he finally won one he started to pound his chest and make monkey sounds very loudly in the crowded mall. He does this sort of think a lot and it makes everyone around him uncomfortable. He throws a lot of fits too. I think we keep him as a friend because we know no one else will take him.

    As for cute awkward moment, when my daughter was about 2 she pronounced benches as something else...I think you can guess. Anyway my brother was teasing and messing with her and was asking her to repeat all these different phrases with the word bench in it. Well I went to visit the her great grandma and we went to church with her. My daughter was acting like a real little lady until she said at the top of her lungs "I like the benches in church!" Everyone who had been chatting up until then quieted quickly to stare at the smiling innocent 2 year old. It was one of the phrases my older brother had taught her to say.

    I'm just me.

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