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Thread: Three Wishes!!!!

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    Re: Three Wishes!!!!

    wish: 1 , have power to control time

    no more wishes Im happy with my life =/

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    Re: Three Wishes!!!!

    looks like Lasura is the only one not selfish.
    1: emortalty
    2: Wings
    3: healing powers
    I would like to be the hero I always wanted to be.
    Kamen Rider....DECADE!!!

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    Re: Three Wishes!!!!

    1. Non-Retarded Presidents
    2.Awesome Elemental powers
    3. No Hobos(they beg me to much for money or to pray with them)

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    Re: Three Wishes!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by KuwiRules145 View Post
    You got three wishes! You could wish for anything so exactly what are you going to wish for and why exactly??????
    Well lets see my three wishes would go something like this:

    Wish one: I would wish to have the greatest imagination that every has been or will be. (See wish 2 for reason why)

    Wish two: To have the power to make anything I imagine reality. (So I can basically make anything I want to happen, happen. Be it world peace, altering the world all together, altering myself and so on. Basically giving me all the powers of a Genie with none on the restrictions.)

    Wish three: To be able to control my power so that I could turn it on and off as I pleased. (Cause lets face it sometimes when your imagination works overtime the results could be bad.)
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    Re: Three Wishes!!!!

    1) For all of my wishes to be interpreted the way I intend.
    --This prevents horrible outcomes of vague wishes.

    2) For no rules against what I could wish for.
    --This is the security for my next wish.

    3) For an unlimited supply of wishes
    --Thanks to wish 1, the genie or whoever can't go "You can have as many wishes as you want, doesn't mean I'm going to grant them.
    Wish two prevents the old "You're not allowed to wish for that."

    After all is said and done the results are:
    My body no longer ages after 30 years.

    I can multiply items simply by saying "copy" while touching them. (Thats for money and food)

    Anything else my heart desires.

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    Re: Three Wishes!!!!

    Now, here goes.

    Wish one: would be for all the people in the world to be kind and friendly to one another for the rest of the earths life span. this would result in no wars ever.

    Wish two: would be for if I need money all I have to do is put my hand into my pocket and I would pull out the exact amount needed. in other words I would be rich with out having to draw money from a bank.

    Wish three: for all illness to be eraticated from the face of the earth for all mankind.

    so you can see that there is only one wish that I would wish for myself, so I am not selfish but spread the good fortune around. the only thing about wishes is that they have a nasty habit of backfiring on the one who used it, if it was used for evil.

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