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Thread: Tiger Woods Scandal

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    Re: Tiger Woods Scandal

    I think the whole tiger woods thing is getting way out oif hand. okay he cheated. we get this. but really its only because he made himself out to be goody goody. if anyone else say idk a comedian cheated we'd all be like so? i think they're making such a big deal cause he does have people looking up to him and they dont want alot of little kids getting it imbeded in there head that its okay to cheat. but to be straight forward im getting tired of hearing about it on the news. theres more important stuff going on in the world then some golfer that cheats.
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    Re: Tiger Woods Scandal

    I really wish people would get off Tigers dick( obviously there are enough on there..LOL) . The only thing I want to hear about Tiger is when 2011 is coming out. He's a man, sometimes men cheat...alot(even when they have a smoking hot wife, it happens). So just to sum it up, there are enough problems that we should focus on than how many skanks Tiger has banged. If his wife is smart she stays with him and takes the money. Nuff Said.

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    Re: Tiger Woods Scandal

    I looked at this, and laughed.
    I'm glad I'll never be famous.
    They have to put up with so much more, media coverage etc.
    Worse comes to worst, a normal person goes through legal matters...or maybe more, I don't even know.
    But I almost feel sorry for the guy, for digging in so deep like that and all (No pun intended >_>; ) and then he pretty much screwed himself over.
    Especially since he's what, best athlete or whatever. His reputation just got so screwed over.
    Oh well.
    Some of us will care, others will not.
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    Re: Tiger Woods Scandal

    Whoever said golf isn't a manly sport is wrong--thanks Tiger, LOL. J/K

    Seriously though, I think it's pretty messed up that Gatorade discontinued his line of beverage due to this. I'm sure that other sponsors will follow suit. He's a human being and deserves to have his own personal life, just like any other person. It's pretty sad that a middle class person can have an affair and nobody cares but, when some rich and famous person has an affair or does anything else we label "bad", it's all over the damn news!

    People need to learn to mind their own business. If I cheated on my significant other and hit a fire hydrant (or whatever he hit) while trying to escape a golf clubbing, nobody would really care, or they'd laugh and get on with their lives.

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    Re: Tiger Woods Scandal

    I think this is set up. It probably isn't, but I like to look at things from a way different view point. I think, Tiger didn't want to play at his tournament, so he, his wife, and this mistress of his set it all up. His wife doesn't seem to care that he said he'd rather marry another woman. Also, would someone as smart and powerful really save the conversation to his IPhone? Then, with all those other women, they were paid to come out and say they had an affair with him. I don't know. That's my belief.

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    Re: Tiger Woods Scandal

    Major Sponsor Cuts Ties With Tiger Woods
    Dec. 13) -- Global consulting firm Accenture PLC has ended its relationship with Tiger Woods, marking the first major sponsor to cut ties altogether with the golfer since his alleged infidelities surfaced and he announced an indefinite leave from the sport to work on his marriage.

    In its first statement since the Woods' scandal erupted, Accenture said Sunday the golfer is "no longer the right representative" after the "circumstances of the last two weeks." The move ends a six-year relationship during which the firm credited its "Go on, be a Tiger" campaign with boosting its image significantly. Accenture has used Woods to personify its claimed attributes of integrity and high performance.

    "After careful consideration and analysis, the company has determined that he is no longer the right representative for its advertising," Accenture said, adding that "it wishes only the best for Tiger Woods and his family."

    The firm plans to immediately transition to a new advertising campaign, with a major effort scheduled to launch later in 2010. An Accenture spokeswoman declined to comment further. Advertising firm Young & Rubicam, which has handled the company's Tiger Woods ads, also would not comment on the move.
    One of the risks of advertising tied to a celebrity is that "your image gets carried by someone you can't control," said Jonathan Bernstein, president of Bernstein Crisis Management.

    "They definitely understand there's damage," Bernstein said of Accenture.

    Accenture's advertising campaign was almost entirely built around Woods and his success, portraying his ability to key putt or chip out of the rough. If Woods had acknowledged mistakes and said he would be back in a month, Accenture might be able to ride it out, said Rick Burton, a professor of sports management at Syracuse University, in an interview.

    But Accenture can't afford to wait for what could be a long time before Woods returns.

    "They had tied everything in their campaign to Tiger Woods it appeared," he said. "If he's not golfing, those ads don't make sense."

    Burton noted that Accenture's billboards and airport advertising need to be replaced quickly. Without a backup plan, the company might fall back on something simple and conservative that could highlight its logo.

    "It is probably prudent to take a low-key, conservative approach until they determine what their next message is that they want to send," he said. Going forward, Accenture will have to determine whether it wants to stick with sports or whether its been too burned by what happened and will go another route, Burton added.

    "Accenture has made a decision to not continue with their sponsorship. We are disappointed but respect their decision," said Mark Steinberg, Woods' agent at IMG. The PGA Tour said it would have no comment.

    Accenture has been title sponsor since 2001 of the Match Play Championship, a lucrative World Golf Championship event that draws the top 64 players from the world ranking. Accenture earlier this year renewed its sponsorship of the tournament through 2014. The contract is separate from its business endorsement with Woods.

    The management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company has clients in more than 120 countries and about 177,000 employees across 52 countries. Starting as the consulting arm of now-defunct accounting firm Arthur Andersen, it split off in 1989 under the name Andersen Consulting, eventually ending all ties with Andersen and changing its name to Accenture.

    The company went public in 2001 and now has a market cap of $26 billion. Earlier this year Accenture shifted its place of incorporation from Bermuda to Ireland, where it has done business for about 40 years.

    While not terminating their relationship completely, another major Woods sponsor pulled away this weekend. On Saturday, Gillette, which uses the slogan "The best a man can get," said it won't air advertisements featuring Woods or include him in public appearances for an unspecified amount of time. Woods was hired by Gillette in 2007 and has been in ads for Gillette Fusion Power razors with titles like "Phenom" and "Champions" with other stars including tennis great Roger Federer and soccer player Thierry Henry.

    However, other sponsors continue to stick with Woods for the time being.
    Accenture PLC Ends Sponsorship With Tiger Woods - Sphere News

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    Look I think woods should just quit and then come back in about 20 years..
    because this is what OJ was in the 1990's Lord have mercy is this what passes for news these Days.. Now do you see why I call my cable company about bring back NHK the news from Japan..

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    Re: Tiger Woods Scandal

    This isn't really a big deal compared to other sports stars scandals. It's just hard for people to see the worlds most biggest athlete slip. Others just wait for this to subside and wait for him to climb back on top of the sports world. But without Tiger, golf is back to boring now.

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    Re: Tiger Woods Scandal

    I don't think it matters that much, it really speaks for his character though. Makes a good story, reminds people that he is not perfect. It shouldn't effect his career, however he ruined the way people see him, they don't see him as honest and noble anymore.

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