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Thread: Time never stops for us.

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    Re: Time never stops for us.

    Stop trying to be so mature and use your imagination. It doesn't impress us that you accept things the way they are now.
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    Re: Time never stops for us.

    If I could mess with and alter anything in anyone else's lives... I would've somehow gotten the development of the game 50 Cent: Bulletproof scrapped. Absolutely terrible. As to why I'm not putting up scrapping of that game based on E.T., the video game crash did something good in the long run... Like opening up the industry to British computer geeks. Who made awesome games.

    And as to why I'm not putting up stopping World War II from happening... Well, it was because of that that the United Nations Charter was created, right? Not that anyone follows that thing anymore...

    If it had to be a moment from my life... Um, I guess it'd be that time I didn't pay attention while taking this pain-relieving [liquid] medicine when I was 12. I wasn't exactly counting the spoons I took, just absent-mindedly spooning the stuff in my mouth... Luckily for me, my stomach didn't have any internal hemorrhages, but I had the most unpleasant, burning, terrible rashes on my arms...
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