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Thread: time relativity

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    Re: time relativity

    yes and no. while everyone aged back at earth say bout 80 years, you would have only aged half a year, you still would be a teen, but you would be 80 earth years older.

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    Re: time relativity

    Quote Originally Posted by Dragons2801 View Post
    you do have a point there, people fear ageing, and they fear dieing, however they cannot be avoided. one may choose the way one wants to live, but they cannot avoid the way they are going to die.
    well yes i been meaning to say that because it brings up alot of issues with the aging and how everything in life is depicted and how it works out for people that care about how the current of life should flow and be aware the fact that there is a slightly chance of how people take the advantage of aging slowly but here in the real world it is only imaginary we cannot feel it though the descisions are made on how people want the outcome of life thats my own theory.

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