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Thread: Time Travel

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    Re: Time Travel

    i think it was einstein (could be wrong) that came up with the idea that if we ever made a time machine togo back in time to fix something. when you returned thered be no time machine because the reason you built it never ocured therefore you would have no need to build one
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    Re: Time Travel

    Time travel is one of those things i love to talk about (along with black holes and dark/anti-matter). A Multitude of things could happen. The first, and most likely, is that you would create your own alternate dimension when you travel back or forward. Whether or not you would go back to your own dimension when you travel is not likely but not impossible (like in Deja Vu). Another thing that could happen is that you wouldn't change a thing. Or, to reword it, you would act out history as it was supposed to happen to begin with (as in Timeline).

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    Re: Time Travel

    nomater what you do you will never be rememberd unless you do someting that can chanje the world in a big way other than that its all point less

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    Re: Time Travel

    Quote Originally Posted by Trojan man View Post
    nomater what you do you will never be rememberd unless you do someting that can chanje the world in a big way other than that its all point less
    WTF does that have to do with time travel?


    Stephen Hawking (I think) came up with a unique theory of time. He says that the higher we are from the Earth's center of gravity, the slower time progresses. So, if you live on the peak of a mountain your entire life, time is moving slower for you while it is moving a bit faster for those of us who live in lower areas. I'm not sure exactly how it works, but it seems pretty interesting. I found something on Wikipedia that kinda fits this description:

    "Physicists take for granted that if one were to move away from the Earth at relativistic velocities and return, more time would have passed on Earth than for the traveler, so in this sense it is accepted that relativity allows "travel into the future" (although according to relativity there is no single objective answer to how much time has 'really' passed between the departure and the return)."

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    Re: Time Travel

    i think what zev is right you might be able to change something but what it could still happen just in a different way and time.
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    Re: Time Travel

    Quote Originally Posted by Angel of Darkness View Post
    Parallel universes are incredible, but would time travel neccessarily throw you into one?

    If you traveled back in time, you might create a paradox and erase yourself and no one else. Or you might mess up the world even worse. Like, by killing Hitler, you might let an even worse dictator take his place and surpass him ten years later. And if you stopped the crucifiction of Christ then every soul that's ever existed would be damned to endless hell, because his death created mercy, horrible as it was. And don't you think God would've been upset if He chose to give His son's life for us all, had everything set up, and then you stopped it? Dude. Talk about stealing the thunder.
    Then I'd laugh my ass off because my entire intention was to screw with people by using time.
    Hitler isn't the worst of the problems if I take out the Roman Empire with a dinosaur and a flamethrower. And if you had a Time Machine you could go in the future and see what the consequences are.

    I'd go to the end of the world, and check the date and time, and come back just in time to construct my Egyptian palace in Antartica with my Purple Lynx tiger, and be safe with my time machine while I watch the world's destruction on my many TVs.
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    Re: Time Travel


    If you went to the future, nothing would make sence. because the future is always changing.

    i also have a theory. Say you went back in time via time travel (time travel is different than a time warp. Time warp is going back in time and taking the place of you during that time, since im 14 say I went back in time 12 years, I'd be a 2 year old but with the knowledge of my 14 year old self. So in theory you cant go back farther than you age via time warp) and i met with my past self. And say my present self died or something, i beleive that you would snap into the perspective of your past self. because how can dieing in the future get rid of your past self? it couldn't. so if you went into the future and died, i think that you would return to the form of you, anytime in your past. But if you die in the past you seace to exist. since you now know the differance between Time travel and time warp, i must introduce time portals and time bubbles. Time portals are like time warps but instead of being yourself you would take the role of another human. a random one, unless you preset the coordinance. Now Time bubbles, the are a rift in time. They are a bubble, that is kind of a portal to a different time but you can step in and out of it. But if there's another person in the bubble that is from that time and they try walking out they vanish. ( Time bubbles mostly happen with the future. but it also happens with the past, but very rarely) because they walked out of the area that is appearing in your time line. Now im not sure what happens in you die in a time bubble. I think the same rules (stated above) still apply.
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    Re: Time Travel

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    Not much of a debate going on here...

    Moving to the Cyber lounge...
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