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Thread: Time Travel

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    Re: Time Travel

    Time travel can be one of the most agonizingly confusing things out there.
    So I took the simple route: My goal was mischeif and destruction. With me as present time me.
    So every instance I mentioned had no chance of meeting a different version of me, (future, maybe, but thats it).
    And so everything that has to do with going back in time and meeting past self's never made sense to me...
    I don't think we'll ever find out the real answer until someone invents the time machine, and at the moment...I'm not sure thats a priority for most scientists.

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    Re: Time Travel

    Yeah it would be fun and go back to mess with all the weird things about in whatever time, but what if it changed everything that was here and now to something else? What if it changed into the u.s being ruled by britian still, cars never came about, or Electricity was never converted? everything could be undone by simply messing with something or someone from another time. If their were parrall rifts around that could change alot of what people see now, because it could all be backwards, or forwards. It could make you wish we were more advanced, or primitive, theres plenty of possbilities of what the world could have been like long ago, now or in the future. time rifts could show many people to appreciate what we have.

    the whole thing of being in a time with yourself? i dont think thats possible since that could change the course of your lifeline, and it cannot sustain two of the same. It would delete one from that course, and let the other continue on. If your past is gone, will you still be alive? or would you die as well? Now if your past continues on does is make the choice to make that same decision to repeat that corse, or choose a different path?

    but no one knows since its never happened so its better to expect anything to happen when it does or even comes about. Its to complex and complicated, scientics are more invovled with the creation of things, and bio chemicals than time travel at the moment.

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    Re: Time Travel

    Quote Originally Posted by atomik_sprout View Post
    Stephen Hawking (I think) came up with a unique theory of time. He says that the higher we are from the Earth's center of gravity, the slower time progresses. So, if you live on the peak of a mountain your entire life, time is moving slower for you while it is moving a bit faster for those of us who live in lower areas. I'm not sure exactly how it works, but it seems pretty interesting. I found something on Wikipedia that kinda fits this description:
    I think you're reffering to the phenomenon of gravitational time dilation from Einstein's theory of relativity? If that's the case, you're confusing somethings.
    Time dilation says, that clocks at lower potentials in a gravitational field — such as in proximity to a planet — are found to be running slower.
    That would basically mean that time on top of the mountain progresses faster than if you are closer to earth's gravitational center where it's running more slowly.
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    Re: Time Travel

    I would like to do a few things like the year 12 formal again and paintball but I would do something big but it would like totally screw up the future and stuff.
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    Re: Time Travel

    Well, the whole time travel idea is insane, having the ability of time traveling may cause many disasters & unbalance, anyway, I don't think that we could ever travel in time

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    Re: Time Travel

    Quote Originally Posted by Angelic Knightmare View Post
    DUDE I LIKE YER THEORY. its very interesting.
    how would this all work
    I'm no expert in quantum physics but I believe each person's life is more than just a bundle of protein filled with electricity. If we believe we have a personality, we have to believe we have a soul, one seperate and unique from all otehrs. And if we believe that, how can we believe that two copies of the same thing could exist simultaneously? If you traveled forwards or back, how could you stand beside yourself without causing a tear in the fabric of reality? Maybe if you went back to before you were born, but who's to say passing yourself in the tunnel (passing the years when you existed) wouldn't do the same thing? You'd rupture the universe, and he/she/it would then erase you so that the problem would stop.

    As for why another tyrant would rise up, maybe I'm being arrogant by thinking I could theorize this, but I think that certain patterns can't really be changed. Look at human will. We want things, we feel emotion, we continually strive towards what we feel is supposed to happen. Often what we each feel is neccessary or right varies sharply from person to person, which is why war exists.

    Hitler believed the Jews were leeches that were destroying his country. A psycho, yes, but he believed in what he was doing. The most horrible things in the world are done with the conviction that it's the right path.

    I read once that the only difference between a futile madman and a successful tyrant is power and will. Hitler had both, and an eerie charisma that drew people to him. Even if you killed him right when he was about to launch his plan, a follower could take his place, a student of the murdering leader who not only believed in his cause, but would then see him as a martyr and be filled with zeal for avenging him, who would pass this fire on to everyone who'd ever believed in Hitler, which was a lot of people. That would be even more destructive than the man himself.

    And when you look at history, it follows a pattern, times of war and times of peace. While there is peace, the men (and women) who are discontent, who have resentments, who believe something is wrong, these people gather their strength and take steps to begin new conflicts or revive old ones. The Holocaust didn't just happen because of Hitler alone. Germany was filled with anger and humiliation because of the sudden capitulation of their government. They ALL hated the Jews, and the aristocrats, because they felt betrayed and stomped on by them. Hitler simply used those feelings to fuel his empire. I think even if he had been killed, someone like him or worse would've taken his place, and the same could probably be said of many of the worst wars people have wages agaisnt each other.

    *reading own message* Geez, I sound like a frigging psycology professor. Please don't mind me, I'm usually more light-hearted than this. I hope I answered your question.
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    Re: Time Travel

    Time travel is irrelavent it can never happen time only goes forward not backward.
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    Re: Time Travel

    I do not know about time travel except from what I saw in Micheal J. Fox's "Back to the Future".

    I do think that people should understand that time like you see on your digital watch is man made and is measurable and that it should not be wasted.

    To every age, to every purpose, there is a reason/season time time time.

    People wouldn't need a time machine or to time travel if they wise up like Citizen Kane looking to spend more time with "Rosebud" so he didn't waste his time on futility.

    I believe people have ample time to straighten up their affairs if they didn't waste time doing things that have no bearing on the quality of life.

    People may have regrets but since the cycle of life is circular chances pop back up. My sister and mom believe if you sneeze or choke on food someone from the past is thinking of you. I believe however if you didn't take a chance before you probably still wouldn't later for some reason or it wasn't meant to be. (or your sensibility knew it was a waste of time).

    If I had a time machine I'd probably just use it as a paper weight or put plants on it.. mostly artificial because I'm busy doing other stuff.

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