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Thread: Todays kids go too far

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    Re: Todays kids go too far

    Pertaining to the influence of parents', I'd say that that probably applies to the 10-year old, but not so much the other three, who are old enough to make their own decisions, judge right and wrong for themselves and basically do their own thing. I figure the lot of them just came from violent families.

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    Re: Todays kids go too far

    Hm I don't blame the parents for this situation and think it falls on those kids. Come on now I bet most people remember being 10 and knowing right from wrong. And this is a stupid reason to even beat up someone for a stupid apology. And of course those other 3 kids who are older should have known better and not even let the situation get so out of hand. Guess they didn't think that they could get in so much trouble but hey if you do something bad be prepared for some serious trouble.

    And also getting tired of people blaming tv, movies, and video games for violence. Most of my generation watched or played violent crap without all theses nifty new ratings they have now...and none of them went psychio from it. Shoot even I have seen some violent crap when I was young and played some bloody thirsty games but it didn't make me go hum time to kill someone. People will sure blame something or someone else for bad things happening to them but never themselves.

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