Okay, so I've recently started on a Pencil-Paper Survial Horror RPG called Survivor: Fallen Earth

Heres the back Story:
You?re a survivor after some kind of horrific disease swept through the population of Earth, causing some people to turn into shambling zombies, or mutating into monstrous aberrations. No one knows the virus?s origins-some speculate it was a science experiment gone wrong, while others think it was an alien virus caused by a meteor. Religious types seem to think the End Times-Armageddon-is upon us at last and that God has cast his judgment upon us.
All that is known is that our world-the land of ease and relative peace is gone, and that mankind?s last battle, our final struggle for survival is now upon us. Whether we survive or fade into the ocean of time is our decision to make.

Now the RP book is somewhat insulting-it continously mocks your efforts to survive, and makes fun of the players guys who helped inspire it, and providies useful information as well:

Herre are the stats, Rated 1-12, with 1 the weakest, 12 strongest

The trait sytem falls under three catagories: Combat, Technical, and Survival. The approch I'm taking to the traits is basically an basic/advanced/master but have been having brainfarts. So I'm coming to you guys for help. Any suggestions?

Guide to Traits
Basic Traits: These are the basics-to get you started
Advanced: The advanced traits allow you to do better things, but certain basic traits must have points put into them in order to unlock them
Master: Master traits require advanced traits to unlock them, but block certain basic traits, which in turn block advnced traits.