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Thread: Transformer crazy

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    Transformer crazy

    I bought a quote unquote transformers autobot 3D emblem to put on my riding lawn mower and it looks great. My neighbors are all jealous. I actually bought two at the same time and stuck one on a city bus that was broken down just down the street from my house. I bought them at LINK REMOVEDI should not have put the autobot transformers emblem on the bus but put the decepticons emblem on it because public transpertation are the bad guys around here
    I am thinking about buying some more in a wholesale lot from the LDU guys and stickin some more of them out there cause I'm crazy like that. The page for the transformers stuff is LINK REMOVED I am thinking about starting an online collection of photos of these emblems on vehicles. If anyone has any pictures please let me know.
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    Re: Transformer crazy

    This is spam. Closing.

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