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Thread: Travel

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    Re: Travel

    Me, I would go to the city of love. France, or the city that never sleep or dies. New york city or somthing. this is wherew I would pick
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    Re: Travel

    Quote Originally Posted by desxms View Post
    If all your responsibilities were suspended while you and your lover took a one-month, all expense-paid vacation to the place of your choice, where would you go? Would you choose some other place if you were taking the vacation by yourself?

    I would go to the Cayman Islands and sip some tropical drink on the sandy shores alone since I'm single hoping to socialize with the natives.
    I would loooove to take a one-month vacation. But one month in ONE place, wouldn't be that fun to me. I'd split it up into two. Very different types of places.

    I'd go to a tropical island. I'd like to go to Jamaica or Puerto Rico, or even simple little Hawaii for part of it.
    The second place I'd go would be somewhere over-seas. I'd like to see some place like Greece, or Ireland or Amsterdam or something like that.

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    Re: Travel

    I would love to go the some place over sea..hmm i think i would chose Japan..duh..lol//in japan..i'd love to visit tokyo of course..but me personally I'll like it if i can visit Osaka..its the place of beautiful women ..i love to see a real geisha up close..to see their beautiful expensive clothes..their make up perfectly on..and just to live a day as geisha would be awsome (or interveiw them to see how the live and they daily routines..)..they are very important in the area..oh how it would be amazing!!

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