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Thread: Trends Changing In Modern Man

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    Trends Changing In Modern Man

    First let me say I am wondering if people notice a change in male attitudes on a certain issue. I am not saying change good or bad just "Change." Well I have known a couple of friends, guys, who will soon be fathers. Back in the day when I guy finds out his significant other or wife is pregnant they used to cry and throw up. If you were sort of cold you would even get the camera and record this. Similiar to how someone drinks excessively when they are depressed.

    Now it seems that guys are almost happy I quess which is a change from like a decade ago. Of course maybe I am the only one who has had this happen to me but does anyone else think that some guys nowadays are glad they got someone pregnant and are having a child. By the way I am not saying this shift in attitude is in any way negative.

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    Re: Trends Changing In Modern Man

    I think I'd probably throw up too. Maybe these guys are just exceptions to the scenario, I think most guys would still be pretty depressed.
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