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Thread: tricky love

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    tricky love

    what do you do when you havetricky love i tried to make it work but got my heart broken two times so please tell me if you have been in a relationship like that
    i cry inside for life anew i die each time im torn in two i live for earth and die for none along comes a god who will always bring peace and tranquility

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    Re: tricky love

    The first tricky love I was involved with the fellow liked me but I felt nothing for him except pity. He tried to make it work but we had nothing in common. He had feelings for me but I didn't reciprocate because I felt no attraction to him.. he got hurt and moved on. It was tough for me to end it since I didn't want bad feelings from him but we weren't compatible. The next tricky love I got hurt liking a fellow but he wasn't interested so I thought we could just be friends but he didn't want to be with me at all so I just busied myself and tried to not think about it since the greatest love of all is the one you have with yourself. Better yourself with school. Stay on track with your career. Love with yourself is an affair that lasts a lifetime. I enjoy activities for one like computers and art. If all else fails.. get a pet. I have a pet nephew that acts like a monkey. He loves bananas. The real trick is enjoying life as Carly Simon would say " I haven't got time for the pain". I got stuff to do so don't think too much of past relationships. I draw. I read. I keep up with the news. I spend time with family. I shop. Non dramatic stuff that still reminds me that life is still fun despite all the baggage. If your heart is broken eat chocolate, curl up with your favorite book or pet and remind yourself that love is either in your heart or on its way. Meanwhile do stuff and keep busy and stay positive. Things will turn up if you don't forget yourself or your own needs. One woman was so tired of waiting for prince charming that she put on a wedding gown went for coffee and told the news she was marrying herself. lol. Some people actually learned they were happier single or not the marrying type. Really depends on the lifestyle you plan for yourself. Me I just watch tv and work on my hobbies like digital art or writing. If you are contemplating a relationship just be friends first and keep your distance. Best to keep it platonic for awhile so you'll have a vantage point to see if this is worth pursuing. If you do get hurt find the poise to forgive or you will become bitter and become sour to those you love even yourself. Pray to a higher power so you'll know what is for the best and screw your courage to the sticking place. Look before you leap and don't lend large sums of money. We all want to be loved but first know that a love of a human will never fulfill your needs as much as the love of yourself and a higher power. I do believe being right with God is more important than being right with a person who just may break your heart again and again. God will be your solace and heal you. Be careful of Godless people and look into religion as you will be tried and tested and hurt many times. It's a dog eat dog world... stay true to yourself your convictions and God will reward you with unconditional everlasting love. If you are meant to marry, then you will. Just first know if the person you are marrying is alright with God then it is meant to be. Love of God and love of self precedes romantic love. Be patient... and let God be your matchmaker. Just enjoy friendships for awhile, let your heart heal and watch funny anime.

    Right now I don't want to have a love relationship since I'm still questioning my future or if I can afford married life. God has been good to me blessing me in tough times in the economy. The whole nation needs to heal. I don't fall in love fast since I enjoy platonic friendships and don't believe in whirlwind romances. Slow and steady for me. I don't care if I get married at 50. I rather take my time than rush things. Maybe I'll adopt kids. I like kids. I got to get right financially first and look for more business opportunities. Go Lakers! God blessed me with a great family that looks out for me. I guess I just want to have fun before going into the deep end again and get hurt again. I still maintain my sense of humour and still want to travel. Romance is on and off but mostly think of my nephew's future. He's almost four years old and the economy is tight. He needs a college fund. Well my scattered brain takes over when I can't trust my heart since it does foolish things but I commend you for at least trying to make it work.

    Better to have loved and lost then to have never had love at all. It makes your more compassionate and relate to people who are in the same boat then people who are cold and take no risks at all.

    I still feel the sting of a broken heart now and then but know the people who broke my heart aren't the ones I should go to if my heart needs mending. Lay low. Know who you can trust and those you can't. Change is in the air with people's attitude towards marriage. I sing lousy karaoke of old love songs. Life goes on.

    Best to have the support of family and friends for awhile for your heart to heal or take up volunteer work to get your mind off things. Peace.

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