As a Chaote I believe Creativity is the ULTIMATE form of Magick. The act of creation -- ritual, sigil, servitor -- is ultimately the true joy of magick and the true spirit of Chaos. BUT -- I'm really a true believer (pun intended) in the ancient truth (pun intended) of the ultimate power of the TRUE NAME.

I guess I'd take this to different levels:
- True Name: your "source name", "true you", the name you've always been since life burst from the void (which never really happened -- circular logic, circular time) -- and most of us don't remember what our true name is. If we know our true name (not our "working name" or the name we adopt as we self-initiate ourselves through levels of our own Great Work) -- but our true name, which is US. It's a bit Qabalah in thinking -- if you know the true name and sound of "God's name" you have ultimate power -- juxtapositioned against the microcosmic concept of YOU ARE GOD -- (I'm using God in its VERY LOOSEST way) Anyway, I discovered my true name at 14, and it has empowered me ever since.
- The TRUE NAME of all things -- entities, other people, elementals, servitors, things -- gives power of that "thing" I know it's an old concept, as ancient as the earliest shamans, but it really is the source of true power if you are to work empty-handed (even if everything you do is visualized, concentrated, focused, meditated)
- Words of Power, are names, true names that resonate with the ALL -- I call these master names (archetypal names we all resonate with, which gives them power)

I only bring all this up because there is an AWESOME "power tool" for divining true names, which ultimately gives power of the named. The Tarot -- I guess most of you know by now I only mean Thoth tarot in my way of working--is a just amazing "magickal weapon." I work empty handed because I truly believe names and words and creativity is all any Magus truly needs. By using only the Major Arcanum, with Crowley's Hebrew letter correspondences (per 777) the subconscious mind (in my opinion the true mover and shaker in magickal terms), you can divine words. Therefore names. If you can achieve gnosis (ritual, evocation, sex, mantra, etc), then truly focus on the divination in a truly serious way, I find that you can divine true names of people and things you are connected to. The connection can be created by RULE OF CONTAGION (physical objects, hair, spit, semen from the object being named), or RULE OF ASSOCIATION (okay, this is getting too dogmatic!) -- point is, using your own creativity, you can divine true names if your subsconcious can connect with the subconscious of the object/persona being named. Divining your own true name is truly easy (your sub is you).

Now, drawing cards from major arcana only, while in a state of awareness and concentration ( or non concentration if you're tantric) , recording the card, returning it, shuffling, drawing another, and taking note of any "symbolism) you can "spell" the true name. NEVER DOUBT IT. If you believe, it has happened. If you don't believe, you'll fail.

Here's all the steps:
Create a MINI deck from a Thoth Tarot deck that you've clensed and bonded to out of the following:
- YOUR BIRTH OR LIFE CARD (Birth card also called destiny card) -- I'll post on this separately OR A SIGNIFICATOR (court card representing YOU if you don't know how to do a birth, life or destiny card) Just use ONE of these.
- The Major Arcana

Now shuffle. Bond. Chant, Achieve gnosis. Use your favorite ritual or method, or preferrably your creativity. If you're using RULE OF CONTAGION or ASSOCIATION bond the deck to the contagion.

- Spread the deck face down.

- Draw one card.

- Record

- Put card back in deck, stir, and draw a second intuitively, while still in a state of empowerment. If you lose the feeling (usually a feeling of "buzz"), start again.

- Draw next card

- Record

- IF YOU DRAW YOUR BIRTH CARD, DESTINY CARD or SIGNIFICATOR the reading is TRUE (it's an indicator -- don't stop until you get a TEN, and it doesn't add any letters to the name)

- When you draw an ACE, START AGAIN

- When you draw a TEN, you are finished. But if your birth, destiny, signifcator is NOT in the read, start again.

I used this first when I was fourteen (Victorian method) and have verified results with follow on tarot reads or other divinations (don't try to "respell" the word, it's takes far too much concentration -- just ask the question). Whenever I use my True Name in evocation, invocation, divination, major works, I feel true power.

Here are my own correspondences (slightly different from AC's... to use AC's just express directly from the Hebrew correspondences)
The Fool A AIR Aleph (Mother)
Magus B Mercury Beth (double)
Priestess G Moon Gimel (double)
Empress D Venus Daleth (double)
Emperor H Aires He (Single)
Hierophant W Taurus Vau (Single)
Lovers Z Gemini Zain (Single)
Chariot K Cancer Cheth (Single)
ADJUSTMENT L Libra Lamed (Single)
Hermit I Virgo Yod (Single)
Fortune C Jupiter Kaph (Double)
LUST T Leo Teth (Single)
Hanged Man M WATER Mem (Mother)
Death N Scorpio Nun (Single)
ART S Sagittarius Samekh (Single)
Devil O Capricorn Ayin (Single)
Tower P Mars Pe (Double)
Star E Aquarius He (Single)
Moon Q Pisces Qoph (Single)
Sun R Sun Resh (Double)
Aeon J FIRE Shin (Mother)
Universe F Saturn Tau (Double)