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Thread: Tummy Growls! -aka food-

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    Tummy Growls! -aka food-

    Before you go listing off your favorite foods, this isn't one of them threads. The question for this thread is, Do you enjoy cooking for yourself, or do you find it time consuming and a hassel!?

    -If so, what does the chef ao member enjoy making?

    ~for myself, I have to cook, although i enjoy cooking, i hate, absolutely hate washing dishes. The dish i normally make to help my stomach to quit growling is anything Italian! I love Italian cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! via la raviolis homemade!
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    Re: Tummy Growls! -aka food-

    i love cooking myself my specail is chili beans i use lots
    of different cheese and spices with a touch of habanero
    pepper not sure how to spell habaneroi let it cook for hours
    it seems and some home made tea as well lol making myself hungry
    thinking about it .

    dishes arnt really a problem for me since i dont do anything else really
    when im not busy
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    Re: Tummy Growls! -aka food-

    I can cook for myself and often times enjoy it. Cooking is great for me, as it really gets me in the mood to eat (not that I really need help). By the time it is ready, I am ready to feast.

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    Re: Tummy Growls! -aka food-

    I tend to end up doing alot of cooking. It is sometimes a hassel, but it isn't so much about the act of cooking. It is that I have two kids who are picky and can be ungrateful, and THEY are usually the ones I end up cooking for. However I LOVE cooking for other adults. People who are actually willing to consume and compliment my cooking.
    I cook a variety of things. I make one hell of a spinach salad. Stuffed bell peppers. And I love to make soul food. Like collard greens. Or black eyed peas. But its rare that I actually make such a production. Things that I tend to mess up are pasta noodles ( I tend to over cook all things noodle). And rice, unless its minute rice, I also tend to burn and over cook it.

    I also have to admit though... I do love to have a break and be served. It's just such a rare occasion to have someone cook for me. That when it DOES happen, I am giddy.
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    Re: Tummy Growls! -aka food-

    I'm not big on cooking, mainly because I suck at it. I make a pretty good chili, and both my fried chicken and meatloaf have been well received, but beyond that I usually end up with an overcooked/undercooked mess and a ton of dishes to wash. Since I live alone, it's much easier to just order out or pick something up on the way home from work.
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    Re: Tummy Growls! -aka food-

    cook for myself, i think its just fun until you make a bad recipe. Just playing around with food, and ingredients to see what you can come up with makes it fun, and i can hold people hostage with bad food creations. Mainly it revovles around the family though so i tend to make meals for any occassion. i tend to be to lazy to drive out and get it.
    Im also not saying fast food is bad, but if you live off it you tend to have more health problems.

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    Re: Tummy Growls! -aka food-

    if you talked about the food,i really love at it but if talked about the cooking,i really suck at it...i often eat sandwich for breakfast and dinner,for the lunch,my mom cooked for me...washing dishes!oh man!that's what i said when have to wash all the dishes...

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    Re: Tummy Growls! -aka food-

    I really love to cook, is a great way to relax and to have a good time with family. Always when I have time I will cook a nice meal for my family, but my wife is very a better chef than me! She can make a very good raengmyeon (which is like a spicy salad of noodles in sauce with vegetable and meat), which is one of my favourite meal, best in Pyongyang I would say!

    But I need to say, I am best in a grill. I go fishing in summer months, and cook a great fish and maybe some chicken on a grill and we will eat outside in the park when weather is nice.

    To wash the dishes it's not a problem, this is a job for children.

    Hello from DPRK!

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