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Thread: Turning Japanese?

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    Re: Turning Japanese?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hassun View Post
    So getting a new kidney because your own are failing is bad as well since it changes who you are? Or a blood transfusion? Or having surgery on your eyes because your own are not working properly?
    I think Saionji is only referring to changing oneself appearance-wise (though surgery on your eyes does go with that... Along with surgeries to remove tumors from your face... Or getting a tan... Which by the way, I don't if you're wondering.

    Well, that being said, I feel that it's appropriate to voice my opinion on the issue now: I think it's, just... All I can say is, surgery like that is really unnecessary and dangerous. She's already reached model status, anyway; does she really need to "beautify" herself up even more? As tsurara has stated, it's possible that she merely wants attention... Or perhaps she's ascribed too many positive things to the Japanese; she's a Japanophile, maybe.
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    Re: Turning Japanese?

    Quote Originally Posted by Saionji View Post
    Your aren't supposed to try and change who are you. It's just not right.
    She's an idiot anyways for doing that.
    She obviously doesn't want to be pure brazilian anymore, appearance wise.
    well, it could be she has japanese ancestory, since there was a large immagration a little over 100 years ago, or she could just like pain lol, i dont think i could do it though, sounds too painful, and aside from my wieght, im pretty happy with how i look.
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    Re: Turning Japanese?

    Quote Originally Posted by tsurara View Post
    In any case: it would be ridiculous to suggest that the solution to xenophobia is for everyone to hide their ethnicity from the Japanese in attempt not to offend their sensitive sense of national cohesion O_o; It's the Japanese culture that should be growing to accept foreigners, not foreigners who should be attempting to "pass" for Japanese.
    I do agree completely. I still cannot help but think of pre-civil war USA where in certain states those with African ancestry that could "pass" as other would lie about it in order to hold jobs, own property, and vote. While it is best for all if things change, in the meantime, I don't blame them for it and couldn't blame anyone facing a similar situation for doing the same.

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    Re: Turning Japanese?

    That's ridiculous. You know, a lot of Asians undergo surgery to look more Western.

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