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Thread: Uncultural language?

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    Re: Uncultural language?

    I think the "uncultural" thing comes about because when you think of English, you think of the nations where English is primarily used, and that tends to mean
    Britain and America, and people from more culture-rich heritages (esp Asians) tend to think of Britain and America as culture-less countries. If you asked me
    what British or American culture's like I probably wouldn't be able to say anything. I don't even know what their "traditional food" is. Not that that's really a
    bad thing. It's just something I think *could* be a reason for calling English "uncultural". It's a language with a lot of history, but people might not necessarily
    associate that with "culture" - especially since that tends to have an almost oriental connotation to it.
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    Re: Uncultural language?

    Well, i consider this uncultural language really hysterical even though there may have been some unkown inteference the government. I really do not want to simply have this government to banish away an original language even though mine was english, while on the other hand my mother is Spanish it is plain wrong to me about having to let go of ones cultural language.

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    Re: Uncultural language?

    Read some posts, time for me to just throw in a dime, see if that damn Great Fairy comes in and gives me my power boost and awesome sword swingy technique.

    I don't think any language is really "uncultural". I mean, I'm just throwing this out there but most cultures tend to have their own language ya know. Japanese speak....japanese. Chinese speak Chinese. Those Brits speak English (Some even have the AMAZING accent that I OH SO love). Elves speak Elvish, Dwarfs speak dwarvish. Demons/Devils will speak abyssol. Drow and their Undercommon, along with that fancy Drow Hand Signs, Ewoks speak that...weird primative teddy bear speak, Hutts speak Huttese. You get the ideal. HEll, America has it's own culture. Sure it seems all mixed, but hey we can't forget about that Countryness or that "Ghetto Rapness". That could count!

    Note: Each thing I listed have it's own sets of cultral morals, traditions, etc. OH MY!!!! NO WAI! Also I think German is called an "Ugly Language" due to them sounding angry like....majority of the time. I took German...when I spoke....I sounded SO angry lol.

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