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Thread: underage drinking?

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    Re: underage drinking?

    Quote Originally Posted by tsurara View Post
    As bad an idea as I think teenagers drinking is: age doesn't seem to be a huge factor in idiots getting drunk and killing innocent people in car wrecks. Drinking and Driving is just as deadly if the car's being driven by a 45 year old as it is when it's a 16 year old driving. In a completely common-sense approach: it seems ridiculous to ban substances from certain age groups and not from others. If the substance is bad enough to ban from anyone in the first place: no one should be allowed to use it at all.
    agreed. In fact for one year, I saw statistics that showed that it was older people who were more likely to drive drunk than younger drivers.

    I don't think under-age drinking is an issue. I think it's the way that a society as a whole sees drinking ( In societies that have a age limit anyway). As the way I see it, I see idiots of all ages (15-60, higher?) drinking like there is no tomorrow and acting stupid and irresponsible around alcohol.

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    Re: underage drinking?

    its ilegal but its fun!! i no im very very bad (im srry)

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    Arrow Re: underage drinking?

    im 16 and i drink often. but i dont drive, or even run afterward. and i dont provide it for others. if your at one of my parties and we drink you HAVE to spend the night. thats the rules.
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    Re: underage drinking?

    —Is underage drinking getting out of hand?
    I'm actually not sure about this... But a factsheet published by the Institute of Alcohol Studies claims that 14&#37; of 12–13-year-olds, 33% of 14–15-year-olds and 62% of 16–17-year-olds (of Western society; I'm assuming they haven't done many surveys in places like the Middle East or South America) have drunk alcohol in the last week. It depends what you see as excessive... But I believe any underage alcohol consumption is excessive.

    —Opinions on underage drinking?
    I think it's pathetic, foolish, and dangerous. Pathetic because there are safer, more engaging, fun, and even more productive ways for a youth and for anyone to bring up their morale. Foolish, because it's money being spent on a harmful substance. Dangerous, because alcohol can have adverse effects on one's brain. And those effects don't just affect the drinker; they affect other people, too. Alcohol influences the brain, so it influence's one's actions, and one's actions can influence other people. To put it short, it may make someone more irritable (and thus maybe more annoying to other people), and it may impair one's judgement to the point of being a danger to themselves and others.

    —What do you think are the effects of underage drinking?
    There are studies out there that strongly suggest alcohol can permanently damage a developing brain (particularly the hippocampus—part of the brain responsible for learning and retaining new memories), and I'm assuming anyone considered "underage" has a developing brain. If one's brain is impaired during adolescence, even a little, there's a chance they won't do as well in society. Which, in turn, means there's a chance they might not be able to support society as well as some non-drinkers.

    I have yet to hear of a drunkard (no matter the age) more competent than someone completely sober (and sane).
    Haha... Do I sound a bit too utilitarian?
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    Re: underage drinking?

    Quote Originally Posted by jazzy9513 View Post
    its ilegal but its fun!! i no im very very bad (im srry)
    ^^" That not a answer that more of your attitudes toward breaking the law. I don't understand why you think it's fun? Does it give you pleasure to hear someone who has been good die due to the fact that some teenager drinking drunk killed them? I feel sorry for the families who have to deal with the fact they has lost someone because of the teenager.

    Quote Originally Posted by animechick View Post
    im 16 and i drink often. but i dont drive, or even run afterward. and i dont provide it for others. if your at one of my parties and we drink you HAVE to spend the night. thats the rules.
    I still don't understand why you drink? That's good that you don't drink after drinking but YOU'RE not allowed too (depends on where you live really) I can understand, Yea it's a party a few drinks wouldn't hurt but then few turn to many then it never stops. Do you know what acohol does your body? Well i am glad you don't provide it for others. Well and making them stay if they have a drink that's good too but i don't approve the underage drinking.(But it really depends on where you live and the drinking age there, but mostly it's 21)

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    Re: underage drinking?

    Underage drinkin is getting kinda out of hand, but I can't say too much, because people like me don't help. LOL.

    Most--hell ALL of my friends are younger than me. Besides bratling's dad, I'm the oldest one in the crew. So, for the longest time, I was buying liquor for minors. But at least they were kids I knew. Kids I knew wouldn't get out of hand with their drinking. But none-the-less, I had a hand in the underage drinking game.

    I even started drinking at the age of 15. So, I guess you can say that it's been out of hand for a decade plus. Most of my friends are of age now, so I haven't really been to the liquor store much unless it's for myself. But there are TONS of adults who simply don't care and will buy minors alchohol just because they can charge a "runner's fee". I've done that once or twice. So, most of the underage drinking comes from rich kids who are willing to pay more out of their pocket in order to get smashed.

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    Re: underage drinking?

    It's not soo bad. I think if you can die for your country then you should be able to get a glass of vodka. ALL I AM SAYING!!!
    Now to ANSWER THE QUESTION, i dont feel it is out of hand because its not just kids who drink and drive. Its adults too. Kids who drink, power to them. I had a hangover from mixing bacardi, vodka, and martini mix and drinking. One glass and I was done. I am NOT drinking again until I an 18. But the fact still remains that underage drinking, never gonna stop. Is it a problem?...Not mine. But its the persons. should it be stopped? HELL NO

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    Re: underage drinking?

    O.o Sheesh... where does Hassun live then? All my friends will looove to go there and just drink...

    Well... People shouldn't drink too much at ANY age... It's ok with me if it's just a little bit, to cheer up, I do that too and have done before this year (I bacame 18 years old), but you just have to know when to stop. No one likes the stupid dizzy feeling, the barfing all your guts out, and the people around you feel even worse, trust me. I should know after bing together with a hard drinker for over 8 months...

    Again, it's all about parents. My father gave me wine when I was like 6 years old and I hated it so much that I didn't put any alcachol to my mouth untill I was like 16 and then my dad usually just gave me something from time to time and it was nice. I think my dad did the right thing.

    And then... I went to a party and got REALLY drunk Haven't drunk more than one glass of wine from then on That's the right way to learn I found out it's no good and just won't drink.

    The law can't affect people much, if they will want to drink bad, they will...

    To drink and drive is BAD, everyone should know that. And not drink and drive. Just take a bus to the party or take one non-drinking person with you. Come on! No one wants you dead!

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