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Thread: underage drinking?

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    Re: underage drinking?

    yeah i agree that it is out of hand i see alot of my perrs coming into school hong over from the night before with injuryes they have no clue of! >< one of my firends ended up pregent cos of this....( she got an abotion tho)

    but for me i DO drink im not afrade to admight that .... but i can hanle my rink on like others i can drink like water XD .... but i can contol myself and handel the amount im taking in...and i also mak sure i have others with me ... to keep that nothing bad will come of this...

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    Re: underage drinking?

    i know a lot of ppl who drink and they r underage, they r really dumb though, everytime i sit next to one of them they really stink like alcohol and they r so drunk. I think that underage drinking is really stupid, i hav no idea why they do it.
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    Re: underage drinking?

    It all depends, I know a few people who drink while being underage. I think as long as they don't over do it, its fine. But there are always those who ruin it. I drink (of course im old enough ), but after a while i go sleepy then stop, I have yet to drink my self into a state of vomitting, whats fun about that? I swear some kids thinks its fun...o.o;

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