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Thread: Underage Drinking

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    Re: Underage Drinking

    1. not all alcohol tastes bad, so no one say thats why they didn't do it.(spiked lemonade, mixed drinks, hell, they taste like candy)
    2. bartenders in america have to legally stop you if you've had too much. and tatoo artists aren't supposed give one if youre drunk.(which isn't enforced because i have an effing dragon cause of a late night drinking venture)
    3. it is easy to get away with, don't believe me?i've seen my cousin (Lestat), drink wine, and offer me some. did i tell him that he shouldn't do it? yeah, but hey i did it when i was his age, i have no right to tell him what to do, parents should take the biggest preventative. DARE helps too, actually. i know for a fact parents don't tell kids s***, and if they do, then good for you, you shouldn't have a problem. but for those who don't, google 'liver complications' and if that doesn't help, then go ahead and kill yourself.
    when i drank it numbed me of my father's death, it made me forget about school, and was it a good choice? of course not. but i never got caught, so my main question is what would stop kids from drinking most?

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    Re: Underage Drinking

    I thinks underage drinking is stupid. Well, I think drinking in general is stupid, mainly because;
    1. You don't remember anything.
    2. You can't control yourself (I am lucky enough to be able to think [semi] rationally when I am drunk.
    3. Hangovers.
    4. Drunk driving.
    5. You have a (very) good tendency to embarrass yourself
    6. In extreme cases, Alcohol Poisoning.

    This is not saying I don't drink. Just that drinking in excess is stupid. That is probably why they raised the age limit. Too many people drinking in excess and doing stupid stuff (like drinking and driving).

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    Re: Underage Drinking

    haha. It seems kinda weird that I think some where in Italy, they let kids like 12 or 13 drink wine. Or was that France /: I don't remember. But, I think they might of raised the age. I did try some Champagne with Grape soda and Tropical punch. Trust me. It taste really good. lol, it was some time in New years. But, I'm bad. I'm really 13. xD It was only 2 drinks. T^T It's not like I drank the whole damn bottle. But, at least i'm not an addict. I only drink on occasions. Mostly, on New years. But, I can't see 15 or 16 years old drinking and smoking drugs. It's so disgusting. ewww.. Like, they think there so depressed or they think there so hot and get older chicks that are like in college and date them. That just seems so wrong.

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    Re: Underage Drinking

    I do not approve. I was always against drinking and drugs from the start, it's just not my thing. Dx

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