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Thread: UPDATE: Beating death in Shenandoah

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    UPDATE: Beating death in Shenandoah

    Since I can't post in my other blog about this becuase it is overdue almost 2 weeks, I will post this in here. Since I know that this went national, I fell that some of you might have herd this on the news so, here it is.

    Town struggles with fallout from immigrant's fatal beating - CNN.com

    If you have anything to say publicly, I ask you to post it here.
    Get you opinion out. I prefer that you should use your AO username, and some e-mail address you don't use anymore.
    Thank you, Starfire1036.
    Archives | republicanherald.com | The REPUBLICAN & Herald | News > Breaking News | <FONT COLOR="RED">BREAKING NEWS:</font> 2 charged with homicide in Shen beating death <font color = "red">With video</font> [UPDATED at 5:03 p.m.]
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