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Thread: useless inventions

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    Re: useless inventions

    I found a gallery of useless inventions! ^_^
    BAD and Useless Inventions! - Visboo

    Some of them (like one or two) may serve an actual purpose. But cooking while you drive??? How do you do that? Hook the thing up to your tail pipe? I love the taste of car exhaust on my hamburger! (sarcasm)

    Take a look and you'll see what I'm talking about. I was crackin' up at quite a few of them.

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    Re: useless inventions

    it's a shoe it's a phone it's a shoe It's a phone!!!..... Oh it's a shoephone!

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    Re: useless inventions

    I still think Snuggies are useless. xD I can have the same effect with my blanket.

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    Re: useless inventions

    Here's one
    The cutlery creators Nicole Dubus and Springfield Susan have come up with the just answer for food shovelers : a fork with a built in timer and alarm. The timer’s circuitry is connected to the handle of the fork and buzzes or lights up after a preset time, ensuring that eaters leave sufficient space between forkfulls for chewing 32 healthy times before swallowing. A must for business lunches and candlelit dinners.
    pretty useless eh ? XD

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