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Thread: Valentines Day

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    Valentines Day

    Saint Valentine was a preist that married off couples with out the permission from the parent's. He then was captured and trilled for death sentance. While he was in his cell, he fell in love with the jail keeper's daughter. So on febuary the fourteenth, the day of his beheading, he wrote a letter confessing his love for her and signed it "From your Valentine."
    So there you have it. The story behind Valentines...

    Now for the cupid factor...
    Cupid is the messenger of love.
    In Roman Mythology, he is the son of Venus, and normally seen as a nude baby. In Greek Mythology, he is the song of Aphrodite and Ares (god of war). He is a young, very good looking, man who married a woman named Syche; she was deamed the goddess of desire.

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    Re: Valentines Day

    Please share any further comments or stories pertaining to Valentine's day on this already existing thread, Lychee:

    Link: What you doing for v day [Thank you!]


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