To Len: I don't know if you just popped that in there with your mod powers while I wansn't looking or if I genuinely missed you... but I must say that what you write is accurate for simplicity's sake i didn't break down to all of the details. The careful choosing of foods with complete amino groups was basically what I meant by how vegetarians balance their meals... they do so more rigorously then most people do. (In hind sight I definately should have went into a little more detail...)
While it is true that your body will in extreme cases begin breaking down the protiens in your body, a proper vegetarian would not have this problem this is what I meant when I referred to resposible vegitarians who watch their diets and the dangers involved if they don't. Yet, it is surprising to me how we will focus more on the effects of malnutrition in what society has ultimately deemed an eating disorder while disregarding almost entirely the junk that people do put into their bodies hyped with hormones and addatives that are far more unnatural then those you'd find in vitamin pills.
However, your point about the B12 vitamin is very good although you go a little to far in calling the vegetarian diet unnatural... vegetarians are all people who don't eat meat but there are different groups (so to speak) some eat fish and some eat chicken to make up for the lack of b12 and other vitamins that aren't prominent in veggies and fruits. However truth be told a vegetarian who watches their diet (even if they take a vitamin supplement) is in reality better off then the guy who goes out eats steak or fastfood and doesn't balance out the rest of the vitamins in his body. Because this creates an inbalance and the body is then forced to start inhibiting the catalysis of B12 halting the production of other important B vits. (ones that control brain activity, the encryption of dna and rna ESPECIALLY IN CELL DIVISION {scientists have known for years that, Cancer is a bad set of genetic encryption on a cellular level causing a cell to destabilize and become an energy sucking infestation. in my personal opinion this is in some cases due to an abusive diet. Leading scientists have also proven that in most of the cases (not all but a significant amount to matter) cancer is caused from something recurring over time although they haven't been able to identify what it is...) so off the tangent now I'm not saying that vegetarianism is THE right way, because it's more important that a person eats with disgression. Not automatically assuming that meat is the ultimate of the foods and therefore eat as much of it as you can in one meal. If people were more catreful about what they ate and stuff, vegetarians wouldn't even be a huge classification difference it'd just be people who don't prefer eating meat. Which according to myself and arukih isn't really extreme enough to be considered vegetarian.

How many more times can I say vegetarian in one go? ahaha I think you might have meant vegan when you said "extreme" in which case I'd have to agree. Completely cutting out meat altogether is going to hurt you in the long run. However don't settle for trash *ahem Fast food* (sorry atomik but that stuff isn't good for your body and barely counts as meat... barely.) go for high quality cuts cooked in such a way that there are still vitamins in it... I reccomend sirloin cuts and steaks actually even though they are the things most protested by pro convervationist vegans. These cuts provide the least waste and highest nutritional value; meaning you wont need as much death to satiate nutrional needs)