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Thread: wat will u change

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    Re: wat will u change


    i see no point in it because if you change life then it would be different than it is today
    and we wouldn't know what we know today. i say everything happens for a reason. so i dont wish anything to change.

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    Re: wat will u change

    I believe that change in the past would not effect the future. Just who it happens to. For instance, if Lincoln wasn't assassinated, someone else would've been. If Bush hadn't pushed us to war, someone else would have. If Bill Gates didn't make Microsoft, someone else would have come up with something similar enough with a different name. In reality, there is no change. There can never be any change. . .

    Although, I would like to change the fact that my best friend died. . . =( *tear*

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    Re: wat will u change

    the grammer of everyone today is incredibly imature
    thats what i would change. everyones typing skills to at least be full words.

    The grammar of everyone today is incredibly immature. That's what I would change. Everyone's typing skills to at least be full words.

    Just having some fun there with the grammar, but I agree. Death to acronyms!

    i would probably change the world to not have any weapon except swords, swords are a gentlemen's weapon. we don't need any guns, bombs, etc. just swords.
    I've often pondered that thought myself. Swords are more tactile and skill requiring.

    I guess for me, I'd change the outcome of the Second Punic War, so that Hannibal defeated Scipio at Zama. Now, what would be interesting would be the ramifications of Rome being run over by the Carthaginians. One could probably write a book on it.

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    Re: wat will u change

    Well my cousin is mixed up in so stuff.
    He changed over the years.
    If I could change something it would be my cousins friends.

    Don't trust me....

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    Re: wat will u change

    I'd like to say nothing, but in all honesty that might be a response bred by lack of thought. Haven't we all spent money on something that we later regretted buying. Having that money back would be nice. As far as not gaining that life experience, if you are traveling through time changing things I don't think you would lose memory of your previous actions. Those actions will just exist only in your mind. Like if you saved someone's life, I think you would still remember that prior to your going back and saving that person, they were in fact dead.

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    Re: wat will u change

    Ah, well, like some people already said, I wouldn't change anything. Why??? Because all that happened in the past happened for a reason. Like, if the twin towers hadn't been destroyed, then we wouldn't have tight security like we do now and something worse could've happened, and so on. I think if we changed anything in the past, who knows how today would've been? I say that everything in the past happened because it was suposed to, so, yeah. I wouldn't change anything.

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    Re: wat will u change

    If there is anything that I would change it would be
    1) The era of Bloody Mary on England and the persecution, torture and killing of innocento people that wanted to believe something else than what the government wanted them to believe... in fact they got killed for thinking different.
    2) The Hittler era and the inhuman killing of so many people.
    3) The Hindu vs Muslim war on India... (on Mathama's Ghandi's era)
    4) Of course WWIand WWII
    5) The 9/11 events...

    and all the stuff that involves human killing, torture, hunger... in a word: suffering....
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