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Thread: wath anime caracter you think is the best?

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    wath anime caracter you think is the best?

    Wath anime caracter you think is the best by oll dhe anime series det iou see?
    And ofcourse why you think is the best?
    By oll dhe anime series deth iv seen, i thynk Lucy froam Elfen Lied is dhe best becoze she have everything i wesh to hade an anime caracter. And she is verry sweet to and she have an nice personality.
    But it dus't meter wath i'v reatten
    Sow anyuay wath wood be you favorite anime caracter and why?
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    Re: wath anime caracter you think is the best?

    I like the main char of Golden Boy i like him the best because he is a funny pervert and close to him is the chobits perv close to him but not as pervy.

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    Re: wath anime caracter you think is the best?

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