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Thread: We are more alike than we really want to...

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    We are more alike than we really want to...

    Hello AOers ^_^
    Even though I love my parents to death... there are some attitudes and reactions that they have that I don't really like (everyone has those) and I swore to myself I would NEVER EVER react like that or even to have that attitude...
    well... a couple days ago I was dealing with some stuff in college and I had an argument and everything. After a while, thinking about what had happened before I got to realize where I was wrong and where the college was wrong and I am thinking how to solve that... anyways... One of my mistakes was that to the problem I reacted as... my mother would on that situation... and it is not that I was wrong 'cos it was "my mother's reaction" but it was wrong 'cos it wasn't the correct reaction... and I know that... and If my mom would've been the one facing the situation... I'd have being criticizing her reaction....
    But it was me!!!! reacting like that...

    Have you been on that situation where you find yourself reacting to something as one of your biological/non-biological parents would?-maybe in a way you SWORE you never would- and then wondered how much of your personality comes from the genes of your parents or how much influence does your home and neighborhood environment has on your personality?

    I think it does have an big influence on you... what do you think?
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    Re: We are more alike than we really want to...

    I am often told, "You're not my mother/father/legal guardian!" when I offer advice. For example, my roomie (one of my best friends in the world) is a total slacker. A week before a major paper was due, I asked if he had started it yet. The answer was no (but I hadn't either, so I didn't press it). The night before it was due, I was perched over my laptop, typing; he was watching a movie. I warned him that he wasn't going to write it on time. Long story short . . . he still hasn't written it and it was due two months ago . . . as in LAST SEMESTER. Our professor has been very nice, but his parents are furious that he still has an incomplete grade. I called him last night to ask him a question about our apartment (regarding where my missing pillow is) and I happened to ask him if he had started his paper yet. The answer was, "No . . . are you disappointed in me?" I was about to reply when I realized, "Oh, dear, I sound like my mother . . ." I often get that way when I talk to him and our ex-housemate Amaan about keeping the apartment clean . . . apparently, I'm the only one who knows how to wash dishes and do laundry . . . I have become my mother . . .

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    Re: We are more alike than we really want to...

    To be honest that happens to me a lot. I swore that I wouldn't do a lot of things like try smoking or drink and I still did it. I saw one of my parents die from it and it just didn't sink in not to do it. But other things aren't as bad as that. Makes it feel sorta awkward when I catch myself doing something that I said I wouldn't though.

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    Re: We are more alike than we really want to...

    It never happened to me and it WILL NEVER happen in my future......
    I would rather shoot myself than act like my mother or my father and I am extra careful not to do that............and I mean EXTRA careful..........
    I have my fingers crossed in this situation

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    Re: We are more alike than we really want to...

    We change our views and perspectives on judging things of different sides of life every day we become older .. and for the question's answer of course we do ... it's just like the saying in my language (translated to english) :"who lives with strangers forty days becomes one!" .. as it means that way-of-acting attitude is affected by people you react and deal with mostly everyday as the main way but it can also be a matter of genes as me for an example .. i took fast-anger (i don't know the correct word in english) from my mother .. and like that ,that's what i think ...
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