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Thread: Weirdest thing you hate

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    Weirdest thing you hate

    What's the weirdest thing that you hate/can't stand and why? Try not to make it about people, just some random thing you dislike a lot for some reason, that most people probably would find odd.

    Mine would have to be most artificial lights. The only light I like is light from the sun and light from the moon. This is mainly because I don't really like the shading that most light bulbs put on things, and it's not it's natural color when that happens. I guess that means I don't like fake things.

    Feel free to post your weird dislikes!
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    Re: Weirdest thing you hate

    mine would have to be when people use the word "like" umpteen million times in one sentence. it drives me mad.

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    Re: Weirdest thing you hate

    Streaks in hair. Pick a color and stick with it you stupid, indecisive, iridescent idiots. You don't look cool, just dumb.

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    Re: Weirdest thing you hate

    the happy people that are always talking in class... and my life...
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    Re: Weirdest thing you hate

    over deluded fanboys and fangirls...i find them too repulsive that i often considered them as things. they are so dogmatic with their obsessions that they would do harm to anyone who doesn't agree with their "ways".

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    Re: Weirdest thing you hate

    I hate halogen lights! They're annoying as hell, especially when you're driving down a highway in the middle of nowhere! It's like having perpetual high beams on your car. I also hate people who type in all caps--all the time! It's like they're constantly yelling at people online and are just angry for no reason! It's worse when combined with leet or bad spelling! I.E: "AL YALL HATTAS B3TTA R3CONIZ3 7H3 7RU P1MP B1CHES!" Ugh! It's like someone got hit with a magical bullet that turns people in to idiots instead of killing them.

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