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Thread: What Attracts you the opposite gender?

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    Re: What Attracts you the most opposite gender?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lasura View Post
    Hmmm... Quite a tough question actually, it's hard to understand what are the things that atract me. I fall in love with a person not with some traits... But I guess I could have a try in explaining what would attract me to a guy when I first see and talk to him...

    When I see him, of course I can only judge from his looks, I've never had a dream guy, but what can really atract my attention is:
    -> long hair... I just love guys with long hair, I don't really know why, it just seems so cool to me, I guess it's because I've watched too many movies about old times
    -> a beard or a moustache... if it fits him well, of course. I think I love moustaches because my father has one.

    I talk to him, I'm attracted by:
    -> he's funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Making me laugh is the shortest way to my heart ^^ I love a good laugh, it makes me happy... and it makes me somehow sure that he will make me happy all the time
    -> low voice... I love bass, it charms me, one word might make me be all dreamy
    And of course the guy must be nice, polite and interesting. How I like when a guy asks if you are cold etc. and takes your hand if you are ^^ And, if you are not polite, it just means that it's hard for you to swalow your emotions, and I'm emotional enough to be in need of someone calm beside me...
    I really hate arrogant guys! It's like if they can be only satisfied with themselfes.... Sheesh!

    But yea... I have my perfect guy ^^ Those are just things that make me think to myself: "He's cool." About a perfect stranger on a street...
    well then I have a question, it has been asked before but what if that person you thaught was cool has really bad mood swings? what would you do in a time like that? this is for everone not just lasura. see what if that person was everything you wanted but it turns out he/or she has really bad mood swings (like me for instance) with my girlfriend, she loves me for me, but she also knows about how sudden my moods can abruptly change, what if that person you fell in love with and was attractd to had this condition. Would you still find them attractive to let them stay in your heart? (I know a bit off topic sorry)
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    Re: What Attracts you the most opposite gender?

    well the out side dose not matter and age dont matter to me eather
    the only thing that matters to me is that thay are honst to me
    and thay like me for me not the clothes not the hair just for
    me and what i do and personalty thay just like my personalty
    and that is about it
    the one and only show that rocks my socks
    the one show that i cant live
    with out.

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    Re: What Attracts you the most opposite gender?

    The number one thing I look for is strength......not just for the physical strength but for the character and personality strength....I hate fakes....how can the relationship work if the do not even know themselves or have low self esteem.....
    The second thing......honesty......when you know a person is honest to you....the bond grows much stronger and the you are able to trust that person and never be afraid of the feelings you share between each other......

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    Re: What Attracts you the most opposite gender?

    This is tuff considering i have been with many different types of guys. some of which have been very ugly and not attractive in the least and very "geeky" i guess you could say compared to like my current bf very handsome and rugged and are not "geeky" but they know what they are doing. And do good in school just not A+.lol.
    so yea but i think the one thing for me a guy has to have a
    1.kind heart.
    2.i do look for a guy with good looks. (any girl would have to agree if a guy looks good m we are like oh he is fine) but of course they dont have to be the hottest thing ever.
    3. i love a guy who loves animals cause i am an animal lover myself and if they dont like cats or dogs (specially cats) then we have a problem.
    4.they have to make me laugh. cause when im sad i want them to say somthing funny that would make me laugh.
    5.well this one isn't like a must have but they have to tolerate it. I love music and i play music all the time. at school i always have my ipod with me. even when the teacher says to put it away. i still have it out. and so they would have to be able to tolerate me playing music all that time.lol.
    umm i think thats it. XD
    thats alot.lol.

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    Re: What Attracts you the most opposite gender?

    i like guys who:
    1. are honest and nice
    2. are taller than me
    3. hav good looks
    4. are fun to b w/
    5. makes me laugh
    6. likes doing stuff i like doing (drawing, listening to music,watching anime, etc.)
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    Re: What Attracts you the most opposite gender?

    Well, Although it's not really that...uh...big of a liking, there are some things I like in boys...such as myself. But I've always been attracted to girls as in a majority.

    So for girls I like it when they're smart, they don't have to be beautiful, but it's nice, and for some odd reason I like it more when they have long brown hair. I just don't like any other color. Picky, no?

    For guys...I'm not saying it's a high intrest but I like it when guys listen or don't act obnoxious. As long as they can either hold a conversation, It "attracts" me so to speak.
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    Re: What Attracts you the most opposite gender?

    well i full to those who knows how to speach well coz i can tell when someone is good or a crapp when this person is talking...I mean i dont have to listen what this person is saying i just have to look careful how this person is saying...
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    Re: What Attracts you the most opposite gender?

    I would have to say intelligence. I have a chick and shes awsome. Sure its good to have a nice body but, without a mind that just a shell and it doesn't matter.
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