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Thread: What Attracts you the opposite gender?

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    Re: What Attracts you the most opposite gender?

    Quote Originally Posted by fma1012 View Post
    So, I was having a conversation with Mr. K XD

    Basically it lead to what attracted me the most to a person.

    Being me I said the person smile

    so now i wonder about you guys!

    Do tell

    is it his manlyness? (is that even a word lol)

    or her cuteness?

    Please tell why and no listing >.<

    I wonder...
    Uhm.... Nothing attracts me Lol i am gay dear so nothing attracts me
    but what attracts mt to girls iis eyes and the smile ^^
    a nice tummy doesnt really matter tho
    just someone i find tohave a pretty face

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    Re: What Attracts you the most opposite gender?

    Wow, just saw this, anywho

    this I can say is difficult (Also it's not that I limit myself to ONLY the opposite gender)

    Ehh for me...really it's just a small list

    - Open Mind
    - Decent sense of humor
    - Intelligence
    - And what I preceive as "good looking" (Which note I have MANY preceptions...for I like variety).

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    Re: What Attracts you the most opposite gender?

    What attracts me is her cuteness and personality, because I have no attention on sleeping with some stranger, thats why I got a thing with trust. I only trust of who I like and who are my friends. but what I find most interesting in their personality, is also a part of their life.

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    Re: What Attracts you the most opposite gender?

    Bad mood swings eh...?

    Well since Ichigo_06 has stated there... i would like to add that... nobody.. none of us are perfect... well theres only such thing as "almost" perfect..

    Everyone has been through bad mood swings.. even the calm and cool one would erupt more powerful than the volcano that erupted in Pompeii... it's just a matter of time and situation... nobody can be as calm as a saint for his/her whole life... that just aint possible... unless.. he is mentally ill and is in the mental care treatment... (you know the type of people who wont bother what you do to them...)

    If... the one i thought of is always calm and cool... would suddenly 'erupt' someday... all i could do is try to cool her down.... if the "lava" are flowed directly to me.. i'll just try and find a way to avoid it from burning me up as well... try and scan over the situation and understand what she is in... talk to her slowly... she or he will cool down eventually.. ^^

    but i think what you referring is about cool ones becoming uncalm... is by in long period of time or that the person has been acting this whole time as a calm one.. now that is someone you should leave... pretenders are liars... and lieing is not good for relationships ^^ and thats my opinion though...

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    Re: What Attracts you the most opposite gender?

    What I really need in a girl (what I have right now with my gf ^^) is

    - Music taste (somehow very important for me to enjoy music in thesame way together)
    - Own style (not the sheepy kind of person)
    - Cute personality
    - Beautiful face (A)
    - Creative
    - Funny

    <3 A combination of those and it's a closed deal.

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    Re: What Attracts you the most opposite gender?

    Quote Originally Posted by tsurara View Post
    A critical miscalculation has been made here:

    you've assumed we're all attracted to the opposite gender.
    Actually shes right in what shes asking. If your straight then this thread is for you but if not then you need not reply. It not a miscalculation.
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    Re: What Attracts you the most opposite gender?

    The thing that attracts me the most is......everything about them. I just get attracted to women who are themselves and have a great personality....the body is a plus though!(I do have sexual needs to you know). Over all she has to know herself and be happy with herself and thats what really makes me just fall in love.

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    Re: What Attracts you the most opposite gender?

    In terms of what I look for in the oposite sex, there are three things. Personality-whether they can make me laugh or not, Future- are they going to make something of themself someday, and or what they like- if we don't have anything in common the relationship would seem to be quite boring. Looks usually are not that important to me. Nor is their past.

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