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Thread: What is the craziest thing you've ever done.........

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    What is the craziest thing you've ever done.........

    Okay here is something that i hope won't be considered a journal type thing and a quality thread at most....

    What is the craziest thing you have ever done? ( For what for anything, love/ for anyone you have met or considered a friend/ or for your family)

    The craziest thing i did i think was help a friend paint a tarp for a proposal.....and we hung it ourselves like at the top of the condominium he lives. Funny thing is ...after that other people who saw us going up to the roof together for sometime thought that we were together .....
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    Re: What is the craziest thing you've ever done.........

    Well i hope it will make sence but heh lol i think the most craziest thing i've ever done would be making a back spin kick at a football my friend passed at me and hit the goal and then my friend went like, holy crap look at that.... Hey guys come take a look...... lol i think that would be the most craziest think i've ever done hope it made a little sence XD

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    Re: What is the craziest thing you've ever done.........

    The craziest thing I've done huh...this is a hard one since I've done so many crazy things well a crazy thing I remember doing is riding on the hood of my best friend's truck while shooting at a rabbit that had been eating our garden plants stupid thing raced off and we chased it through the field with me shooting at it I was strapped down to the hood of the truck by a couple rubber belts! XD we ended up killing it when it ran under the tire of the truck...poor rabbit......I don't normally go after animals like that...but the thing was destroying our crops so...yeah

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    Question Re: What is the craziest thing you've ever done.........

    - Locked a freshly purchased salmon into a large crack in the wall just behind one of the school lockers when we finished school on the last hour of the day. The place was stinking. I went back to visit the art teacher two years later, and, lo-and-behold, it was still there. Just all mummified, and bent double, its fishy face locked into a horrific, eternal scream.

    - Stuck my hand into a hole in the ground after being dared to; a large group of us having found out that it ended in a dead-end, and there was definately an animal of some kind in it. Turns out it was a panicked Slow-worm, just a legless lizard. Props to me though; it could've been a rat or something. <3

    - Caught a pigeon with my bare hands. Twice. I are great hunter, strong like bull!

    - Put a pigeon in a box bin (one of the two mentioned above) in the middle of a park, and it freaked out, and exploded out of the bin, and flew onto a little old lady sitting on an adjacent bench.

    - Scaled one of the local cliffs by myself, to explore a plunge-pool at the bottom of a waterfall far below. Turns out there wasn't much of a plunge pool, nor was there much of a cave or anything. A complete let-down, considering I was convinced I might have died. o_o;;

    - Let one of my foot-long Red-eared Terrapins bite me. (If you've ever kept these guys, you'll know what I'm talking about. x_x)

    - One of the people from my class was in Physical Ed, pretending to spray deoderant into his mouth, but instead was spraying it to the side, away from his mouth, making everyone laugh. I said to him; "I bet you can't do that again.", to which he replied, "Oh YEAH? Watch me!" and promptly, he raised the can to his mouth. Outwitted, he actually sprayed it into his mouth this time. And had to go to hospital. I nearly had to go to the nurses office, because I couldn't get up off the floor for laughing so hard. God I'm mean.

    - Took a 12-week course in Computing. Sat on the internet on chatrooms and stuff for 11 and a half weeks, and basically completed the course in the other half week. @_@ Because it was easy.

    Err, I'll let you guys choose which was the craziest from any of those. o_o

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    Re: What is the craziest thing you've ever done.........

    I have so many benchmarks for crazy in my life. But what gets the title of craziest?

    Back when I was 18, my friend Mark just got a stationwagon from his mom. He wanted to go on a roadtrip to ponca city, ok to see his uncle. Mark, Heath, Bob and me went down to see Mark's uncle. After a long discussion, we decided to go to Galveston, Tx. First thing we did was steal a couple of bikes from a house in the middle of the night.

    We tried to go and pawn them, but all pawnshops were closed. We ended up trading the bikes for some crack. I tried crack for the first time, and the last. We shoulda traded for some weed.

    We had no money, so we had to gas and go to get to galveston. We stole quite a bit to get there. We did get pulled over in Texas, though. I got patted down by a really hot blonde cop chick. We had to sit there for a couple of hours as they searched the car, but found nothing.

    When we made it to Galveston, it was 2 in the morning. We camped at this hotel and took a swim in the gulf at high tide. We saw signs warning us of jellyfish, but we went in anyways. Saltiest tasting water ever.

    The manager told us that he called the cops though, so we had to leave with a quickness. A few hours later and a stop in ponca city, we found out that Saddam got captured.

    Then we went home.

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    Re: What is the craziest thing you've ever done.........

    I done many craziest things in my whole life but there is one that is the most craziest thing i ever done im my whole life...well here it goes.>>>
    Back then..>>when i was 11 i was in my 6th grade..>>>
    My classmates and i have done many crazy things to make our teachers mad at our class
    we enjoy it every time we mess things around our class rooms...>>>
    At first i tried avoid to join the group ...>>>
    but when time passed by i gonna join the group..>>>
    The best was our liitle crazy bag game..>>>>
    M and my classmates hide bag of our own and didn`t hide bags that didn`t join our own little game...>>>
    Well we all had fun that time and at the same our class have sermons every time we mess the classroom..>>>
    Some of my classmates got suspended cuz they laugh at our PE teacher
    they laugh really loud..>>>>
    and called for our adviser..>>>
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    Re: What is the craziest thing you've ever done.........

    Hm,hm,hm...I cant say i've done anything quite as crazy as these...
    Perhaps...flash some kid in middle school. XD I didnt even know the guy.
    or talked to some emo guy who ended up being a total asshole in the end.
    -drive a car up onto someones lawn and almost crash into there car.
    -play with knives and almost slice my toe off.
    -play with lighters and get caught on fire.

    ...and the really good ones will come up when I finally post this, but yeah...these are nothing. XD I cant beileve I cant remember something better...
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    Re: What is the craziest thing you've ever done.........

    The craziest thing that I have ever done in my life was to throw a brand new laptop without any reason at all. I wasn't angry or sad. I just wanted to throw it. I think I was high back then. lol I had too much coffee.

    Also I tried to pull some girls' pants off. lol Yes, I'm also a girl. lol We had detention and I got a C on my report card! Whee~

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