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Thread: what to do? (hobbies)

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    Re: what to do? (hobbies)

    well me go online ^__^

    sing and do art of some sort lol

    and the odd time go out to a disco or something lol

    and i used to kit haha ( it started cos i had to do it for school my ganny showed me lol i made a dog i wonder were it whent though...humm lol)

    im quite a boaring person lol

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    Re: what to do? (hobbies)

    I have lost touch with quite a few of my hobbies of the past, but I decided to refine and focus on a few specifics.

    Psychology - Studying, learning, becomming, advancing. In my opinon, I don't see life as being very difficult, so I don't take many things seriously. I study aspects of life, so you could say I am a student of life, but I study life purely as a hobby.

    The results of studying everything and anything I can really get my hands onto, has made me a jack of all trades but master of none. This is very important in understanding what my hobbies are, because I can pick anything at random and make it my hobby; it just depends what mood I am in or if I just pick something up for no apparent reason. From astronomy to zoology, nothing escapes me, but the time spent for each varies differently. Even though I may drop something and move onto another, I always come back at a certain point to advance or merge.

    It is very exciting for a person like me, being able to merge Psychology with bottle rockets or merge contruction with reading. It takes the old boring aspects of life and makes something quite unique.

    Best way to explain things I guess.

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    Re: what to do? (hobbies)

    My hobbies are pretty varied...

    I love to read! I read any chance I get. I'll read five books at a time. ^_^

    I also love martial arts... I've been training since I was about 12... I study Jeet Kune Do. It keeps my mind focused, and my body healthy. ^_^

    I also do a lot of writing... I need to do it, I don't just like doing it. It's one of the ways I am able to really express myself.

    Acting... I love the theatre! I love musicals! I love Hamlet! It's one of those things I couldn't live without. ^_^

    And last but not least - Anime. Of course, right? I go the Anime Club at my school every Saturday - my best friend, my boyfriend, and I run it. ^_^

    There's more, but I could go on forever.

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    Re: what to do? (hobbies)

    My some of one of my hobbies are weird but I don't so:
    • Read
    • Draw
    • Watch anime
    • Run around in circles (If really bored)
    • Watch through the window
    • go online
    • or call a friend
    Same oh same oh.
    「When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead」

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    Re: what to do? (hobbies)

    My favorite hobby is drawing. I can draw good too. Iam planning on being a cartoonist or a fashion designer. I also like watching cartoons/anime, going online, and listening to music.You should find a hobby too there are lots of things you could do.

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    Re: what to do? (hobbies)

    to pass my time many thing i do ..
    reading book or magazin ,drawing some pictuers , listing to music , watching tv , making viedo , ....other things ido ..

    Foolish beating

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    Re: what to do? (hobbies)

    Things that I indulge on in my leisure time:

    ~!! If I am in a sad mood, I love to play my guitar, which is the only instrument I can play with great fluidity even when asked in the middle of sleep. I have the habit of singing while I am playing it, so in process, I am in constant pursuit of bringing my vocals in sync with the music. So yes, I love to sing as well ~ My voice naturally is very feminine, but fortunately, with some conscious effort, I can change it swiftly, and generate varied vocal tones. I have been practicing mimicry ever since I was 8 years old ~ ^^;; Thus, I enjoy working with my vocals, and doing breathing/articulation exercises.

    ~! If I am in a creative mood, I enjoy drawing, writing stories, and composing lyrics and poems. I am bad, very bad when it comes drawing any form of art, but I am trying to get better... Perspective art is sort of my expertise, but I would really love to perfect in realistic art ~! ^^ For that reason, I try to replicate magazine figures, but they mostly end up looking like some inanimate, lifeless creatures. Thank the Divine God I am don't get frustrated easily! Well, I love writing very much, particularly stories. I get that from my beloved mother, who is a writer/artist. I am decent at it, but sadly I never wrote a completely finished story.. at least that's my mind's impression. As for lyrics and poems, I have composed many, complete ones. I once entered a stage when I thought I am so lacking in having a poetic sense that I can't even indite a single poetic sentence, primarily due to some bad/negative feedback from my school teachers, so I ended up tearing many of my earlier works ~!! I was very foolish as a kid, I still am, I suppose, but no so much. That's all in the past... Anyways, I love to orient my lyrics and poems on themes such as love, rejection, nature, and human fallacies. The Divine God is commonly also the main focus in some of my poems.

    If I am in a pleasant mood, I am usually up for experimenting with food, reading, playing games of all sorts, and doing mathematics. Boy, I love to cook, though I can't cook. Only veggie stuff, not meat. I am a crazed up lover for curries ~!!!! Thank God for delicious Indian curries! With rice, they are the best next thing to noodles and soup. Next up, reading, which I love dearly. Those that dwell on matters such as theology and philosophy are of my principal interest, though I do enjoy mysteries, historical books.. and slice-of-life novels. I have read volumes and volumes of books pertaining to eastern religions, especially Buddhism, Hinduism, and Shinto.. I am currently reading written work on Christianity.. Moving on, as for games, I love playing board games like chess, outdoor sports such as tennis, soccer, and baseball, and video games, of course. Last up, mathematics!! I used to be first in all my mathematics classes! Working on hardcore physics, calculus, and astronomy problems give me great happiness. It's pure fun!

    I can go on, but I will stop it here, since I don't want people to skip my post.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spike'sRose View Post
    Acting... I love the theatre! I love musicals! I love Hamlet! It's one of those things I couldn't live without. ^_^
    ~!!! I love the theatre, too! I have studied Asian Theatre, principally from ancient China and India, quite extensively in my own free time ~! ^^ And naturally, I have learned a lot about the main Japanese theatrical forms such as Noh, Kabuki, and Bunraku [puppet theatre]. Currently, I am studying Greek and Roman theatre. Greek theatre is the best of the two, of course. ^^; As for musicals, I am not huge fan of them, but I do like book musicals!

    Wow, it's simply great to see another theatre lover! ^^

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    Re: what to do? (hobbies)

    Me, I like to do a few things. Where do I start? I guess watching Anime is a good place :P . I find it entertaining, & worthwhile despite the side effects...

    I tend to have a active imagination, despite my age, & on many a long train trip I have created many characters, most einvolving the Anime's I've seen. My latest is one for Full Metal Alchemist, a "hamonculus" named honour, created when a normal citizen was killed for standing up to the local dictator. Experamenting with this "red water" stuff he got his hands on, he reanimated the body, adding a metal skeleton to boot, hoping for a perfact soldier. And he got it for a little while, until the memory erasing drugs started to fail & his project wandered off, instinctiely transmuting the barriers in his way...

    Another way I vent my creativeness is I build models. I build a variety on models, including Mechas (Gundam's have nice big guns...), tanks, aircraft, spacecraft & a few of my own creations. Actually, this lead to me discovering Games Workshop & Warhammer 40,000. Thinking of conversions & tactics seems to soothe the savage mind .

    I also like to get around & meet my friends, play first person shooters online as LordCastigator, along with a few other things I can't think of right now. I basically like to keep busy. If my mind keeps entertained, it's usually less likely to come up with some crazy idea of 1 sort or another...
    The Madman previously known as Daniel219

    Wish I could get on here more often. *Sigh* The down side to night shift...

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