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Thread: What Do You Follow?

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    What Do You Follow?

    Do you follow your heart or do you follow your mind and sense?

    Depending on the situation depends on what i follow. If i'm Angry i tend to follow my mind and ignore my heart and it's disabled from use in a way. But if im in love i always follow my heart. I think it's wrong to follow your heart but i seem i ahve no choice it just happens and i can't go back on my actions, it's a 50 50 chance wiht love. Your mind may tell you it's stupid and wont work. But your heart wants it to! I keep pushing on like this and im uncertain to wheater it's actually good for me, like character building, or if it's a pain that i need to get over. It's hard to ignore my heart but people manage to do it better than me, and often break it.

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    Re: What Do You Follow?

    Like you, it depends on the situation. When I'm in a foul mood, I follow my mind. Same with guilt, anger, pity and etc... You know, like your conscience. Your inner self. And I follow my heart whenever it has to deal with God. But mostly I follow my mind. Even if it's wrong.

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    Re: What Do You Follow?

    I listen to both I think because I use my mind to find the most logical choice and use my heart to find the most morally right choice. Then I take into account those choices and make a decision that will hopefully satisfy both my logical and moral side.

    The most trying time for my heart and mind would have to be relationships. And that doesn’t have to be with some guy, either. Sometimes it will be with a family member and sometimes it will even be with God. It is at those times when my heart and mind go to war.

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    Re: What Do You Follow?

    I always try my best to follow my mind and common sense...
    Because I know that from experience that if you get your heart involved in a situation...the problem becomes way to confusing and the solutions ends up not being what you expected it to be......and for me using my mind is always like a safety net....because when you follow your heart...usually in most cases you tend to take risks....and I avoid taking risks....because if you play with fire...sooner or later you will get burned....
    But there is also a famous saying that goes.. "Let your heart determine your destination and let you mind follow you there"...which is also very true......so I am very unbalanced in this answer......sometimes it is the right thing to use your mind and sometimes you just have to follow your heart....

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    Re: What Do You Follow?

    i try to follow my heart.
    sometimes when i try and follow my mind i start to think of wierd things.
    or i start to over think things at times. so yea.
    I usually just go with my gut instinct and what my heart is telling me at that moment.

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    Re: What Do You Follow?

    For me, it also depends on the situation.

    I am guilty for following my heart. But my heart never lies. I know who am enough to know what's right and wrong... what would hurt me and what would help me. I've always been a logical person... So I do use my head!
    But if I always use my head, I think to much about something, and get discouraged, or give up. I go with my heart, and try to think logically about what it's telling me. ^_^

    Some situations are strically common sense stuff... And other things are more emotional... And deal with the heart. It's difficult to think use your head when it comes to your emotions - It will never make sense!

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    Re: What Do You Follow?

    I used to always follow my heart more often than my mind... although thats only initially. I always let my mind intervene at some point (which can really screw things up). My heart is pure, when following my heart, decisions are made based on: Emotions, ethics, the golden rule... things like that. Then my mind steps in with its crazy logic. telling me my hearts irrational. My mind is always reminding me that if I follow my heart, I could get hurt. So to protect myself... I will let my mind override my heart in the long run. I fear my heart now.
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    Re: What Do You Follow?

    This is actually a really weird post, never really thought about it before, but i think i follow my heart? Who knows. I just do whatever i feel is right, and if that action brings consequences, i deal with them. Other than that...Im not really sure what I do, i sometimes just follow other people because it's alot easier, and then i don't have to make decisions, but if that people is stupid or ignorant, i do not follow them, know what i mean? It's kinda hard to explain
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