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Thread: What If You Could Go Back?

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    Re: What If You Could Go Back?

    If I could, I would go back to the time when I had one of my Polly pockets and made sure I will leave it at home. Because.. I took it out to a shopping complex and lose it... (cries)
    Other than that, I would also like to go back to the time where I mixed with the wrong friends and end ties with them sooner.
    Of course, I also want to jet up my scores in school~! XD
    Sorry for talking too much again.
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    Re: What If You Could Go Back?

    For me i have to say, 1. Made my childhood sweetheart stay and not move away. Ummm........ Kept my fave dog from deading. Kept my little bro from being born. Go bac to the first time a COULD have had my first kiss and get it(that hurted my high school life bad). Figure out why i dont like Chicken. Go bac to june 10 to pervent that bet i made with my uncle, about if i couldjump off a 5 feet high stair caased that sent me to the hospital.
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    Re: What If You Could Go Back?

    hmm...There is only one thing I wish to change but it not for me it's for a friend that I cared about ohh so much..

    if I was able to change something I would save my friends life before he passed away because he got hit with a huge Truck while crossing threw the road...

    I live in the shadows and I am as fast as the speed of light, but I use my ability's to help people even though they fear me for who I am.

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    Re: What If You Could Go Back?

    Well I should of let myself die when I was 6. I did have a heart attack but I save myself but I knew what would happen in the future which were bad things that would be my fault so I should of let myself be died right a way so YEAH!
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    Re: What If You Could Go Back?

    Ppl who say they wouldn't change anything in their past is kind of hard to believe... I know changing the past reflect the future, but is your will that strong to portray that purity of innocence when deep down your sub-conscience is guilty of 1 of the 7 deadly sins if not more.?. The ones who wouldn't change anything is already in doubt afraid of losing something that is precious to them or something of meaning...

    The ones who would change something are just human beings who desire to better themselves or others, whose sub-conscience speaks out... They think they know what they will gain, but not what they will lose...

    Me I would just change the way I was to the way I am... At that young age my love would be stronger than it is today...

    "To gain the past you will lose the future; sometimes to lose the future you will find a better one..."

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