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Thread: what makes you stand out?

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    What makes me stand out...

    Me? It has to be my personality, my interests, and my relations. Outside appearance, I don't look very special... Except that I'm stunningly gorgeous. [/Dick Solomon impression] But really, on a serious side, its my mind that makes me stand out, not what I look like. An example, an example... Oh yeah, for example, what I say to people on their birthdays. Wanna know? "Congrats, a year closer to death!" And I do it with innocent and cheery sincerity; I really don't mean any harm or to bring anyone down. Just stating a fact. And since I was twelve, I've been saying that to people, but my relations with them have still stayed friendly. And other quirks about my personality... I guess my regression stages. Sometimes I transition into a more childlike personality in situations where I'm isolated... It's a psychological defense system that I inherited from my Grandma Beth, who is unfortunately, stuck in that regression stage and has been for decades... I have fun in my regression times, though.

    Like I've said, the things I consider fun and my interests all stand out compared to all my peers'. I started reading the Basic Writings of Friedrich Nietzsche when I was twelve, and of course, this shocked many people around me. "German philosophy? Who reads German philosophy?" Aaron asks. Et cetera... A few of my other interests were quite morbid, too. Think of Sunako from Perfect Girl Evolution, that's how bad it is... Some of the genres of entertainment I'm interested in is also quite unorthodox, espcially compared to Western norms. I'm also pretty open-minded... to the point of some people calling me depraved.

    Another thing are the skills and abilities I posess, such as changing my voice. Previous choir teachers have said I'm a wonderful singer, and I've always made it into the Vocal Ensembles I've tried out for. I can sound like a little girl, Elvis Presley, a young man, a female Italian opera singer, comical hamster voices, et cetera. I can also sleep with my eyes open, done it a few times... I also have abnormally precise memory, and my brain stores the most random and useless things, too... But at the same time, my short-term memory randomly "dumps" itself. "Where's my comb?" I'd be wondering, and it'd be right in my hand. "What was I just thinking about?" And then half an hour later, I recall it.

    I'd post everything about me that stands out, but this'd get way too long and unorganized.
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    Thumbs up Re: what makes you stand out?

    Quote Originally Posted by fma1012 View Post

    Is it your hair?
    so really what makes you stand out from others?
    Well this one what truly stands me out and also my voice since i do not like being loud i am a quiet person when i am surrounded from other poeple the reason i said from my hair is i have it long rather then short even though i see some people with long hair and the rest short hair other then girls, because i couple years ago i had my hair short and back then people had long and now is on the contrary when i see people everyday.
    And i mentioned about being quiet well the main fact that i am quiet person is i give respect to that person when i am in silence but is not that type of reason it is my promise back when i made towards my religion, yaddi yadda, etc., etc. i have been always a quiet person in real life, but in here at AO i may sound loud but i am not loud that is how i stand out from others.

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    Re: what makes you stand out?

    Yeah, I think my hair now, seems to stand out a great deal... its almost emo scene but its shorter layered and has more volume all over :P I mean, just look in the members photo's section, who has their hair like me in there????
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    Re: what makes you stand out?

    I myself?


    o.o I rather blend so I get that rep of being a loner. How I stand out?

    People just notice me, I don't know why or how. >.< I am pretty quite.
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    Re: what makes you stand out?

    I am an American living in Japan.

    I think that's more than enough to ensure that everyone stares at me and chats audibly about me behind my back...

    But I can speak Japanese: so it's the follow up "And a lovely day to you too, ma'am" in the native tongue that makes me a stereotype-shatterer.

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    Re: what makes you stand out?

    I don't really stand out either. But somehow I always end up in the middle of a mess wondering how I got there in the first place. I try to blend in and not be noticed. I like to sit back and observe people. Mabey that's how and why people notice me. I just don't know, but you learn alot about people by just watching them. Plus it's fun. lol

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    Re: what makes you stand out?

    well im very odd, i do not talk much but I dress funny from the rest of my friends , I dont wear much blue jeans and dont like simples shoes...Im taller than my friends and much more tanned so...even if I'd want it I couldnt hide myself...

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    Re: what makes you stand out?

    With me, the thing that stands out most about me is my personality, I have quick mood swings and can be triggered at ANY time, I dont care if prople watch me or not, I will freek out to music I like if I feel like it, I do what I do and dont care about what people think, and I help others just to see them happy because it makes me happy. I think those are the main things that stand out with me.
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