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Thread: what makes you stand out?

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    Re: what makes you stand out?

    Absolutely... that I don't keep somethings for myself... specially if I am asked to be a judge on auditions... do you remember Saymond of American Idol... I got tell by my best friend that I got a lot in common with him....
    and for the next musical auditions for the musical we are making... I got asked again as a judge... and my friend told me: "Don't say what you think until all of us (jury) meet"
    I wonder why... lol
    But that is what mainly makes me stand out from others ^_^
    Nothing less from Pyro ^_^ Great Sig ^_^ THANK YOU!!!!
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    Re: what makes you stand out?

    This is a very good question... I seem like I'm loud to others, it's not that I am; it's jus' that my voice has a certain tone so it has a tendency ta carry. I dress in cargo pants, 'cause they're more comfortable and don' irritate my scars as much, plus I can keep my wallet in my side pockets ta keep it from hurtin' my back. I like ta wear polyester clothing, cause it doesn' irritate my scars and is lighter, cooler, and more comfortable ta wear. My fav. hat is a snow camoflauge army hat that has KFOR on the front of it, that my bro had gotten for me upon hearin' of my havin' cancer a few years back. My personality is somewhat goofy and aloof, I jus' don' worry myself too much 'bout things as much anymore; I found that doin' so doesn' make them go away. I'm sure that there r probably other things, I jus' can' think of them right now. Yet I guess that all that I've listed so far more than qualifies me as a person who stands out inna crowd.

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    Re: what makes you stand out?

    i guess what makes my different is that i don't give a dam what other people think about me...
    i dress
    cav, emo , Gothic

    i listen to
    some heavy metal and pop

    im a tough girl with fragile emotions...

    im different in ALOT of ways i can go on forever! ^^

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    Re: what makes you stand out?

    I believe it's my optimism, backed up by my apathy towards society.

    It's very rare to find an absalout optimist in Britian for some reason. For that reason I'm deemed as rather laid back and too cheerful. I also don't care what people think about me. Just aslong as I can go on my own merry way I'm happy.

    It may sound like an oxymoron to be an Apathetical Optomist, but I am what I am!
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    Re: what makes you stand out?

    I think I stand out 1. for my yellow nailpolish, some like it black, some like it rainbow, i like it a shade of piss/neon yellow... 2. I listen to people, seriously, I listen so much that I can't get a word in edgewise when i try to talk... 3. When I DO get a chance to talk, i make some of the best puns/funnys that you've ever seen
    example: My freinds and I have taken the names of artists from the label Fueled by Ramen I'm Travis from Gym Class Heroes, my one friend is Ryan Ross, and another friend is Beckett. One day i was talking to Ryan about my being premiscuous in front of William. We got into an argument and I ended up saying "Has he ever asked you to call him Wet Willie!" My genious is showing...
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    You know you like it, dearest Wet Willie

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    Re: what makes you stand out?

    The number one thing would have to be my height.....for a girl..I am considered to be tall....since I am 5'10" and that is not my fault.....I was born that way....
    the second thing would have to be the way I dress.....(which is a mix of goth, punk and emo)....and of course nobody could ever not notice a tall black dot....
    And the third thing would probably be the scar that I have on my right hand which extends from my shoulder to the wrist......and even though i try to hide it the best I can.........I have to wear t-shirt sometime..even during the summer time......

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    Re: what makes you stand out?

    My armbands. I'm the only person in my entire school who wears armbands for show and not for athletic competition. People have also said I have "a glare that can kill" if that counts for anything.
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    Re: what makes you stand out?

    what makes me different is that i like anime
    and uhh i am ummm i dont know im jsut me. alot of my friends just say im hilary so thers no like actual way to describe me.lol.
    umm but i am just unique.

    ~Falling in love one step at a time~

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