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Thread: What "really grinds MY gears"

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    What "really grinds MY gears"

    Note: if you don't write in the poem forum this might not apply to you. However if you care about AO then this definately applies to you.

    13 votes...
    13 votes?
    From our anime onlince community? Where's the neglected poll?
    This, my friends is a travesty. We have a judges competition going on in the poems forum particularly the POTM sub- forum and there are only 13 votes on that poll.

    What kind of community allows such a low representation of the population? Certainly NOT the AO community that's for sure... so go to the POTM: Judges competition and give your opinion. All you have to do is read 3 excellent poems and pick one you like. I mean you don't even need to give any comments (although those are appreciated too.) you only have to click the dot next to the name of the poem and then submit it.

    This is potentially beneficial to everyone. I mean our amazing judges (and I'm not trying to suck up, they have good appreciation for our art) get to feel special for once in knowing that people are acknowledging their existence and will probably feel a bit better about doing their jobs. Where we get to see some of the best poems ever posted here...

    So... go now! ^^

    (and i wont have to regret torturing this cute innocent teddy bear =P)

    ... and join my rebellion against time.

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    Re: What "really grinds MY gears"

    Journal material, closing.

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