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Thread: What would you do if... (Random Question)

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    Re: What would you do if... (Random Question)

    If i was alone i would stay away from him and go to a nearby store. If i was w/ friends i would not giv a crap bcuz we all can defend ourselves..even if he had a gun.
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    Re: What would you do if... (Random Question)

    Hmm... some situation there..

    Well it depends on the situation on what kind of person he is, the situation.... and everything around the place... a different setting can throughly change the situation you know

    Hmm lets say he wants to hijack my car... well... i'll let him take the car... i'll talk slowly to him... i just want to live.. a car is not that important... you can buy another or report the incident and get the car back which will take a long time though... but.. lets say he did a hijack somewhere on a highway in the middle of a desert in the middle of the night and the nearest town is like.. 200 miles away? o.O oh boy.. i wont give my car for anything... i value my life more than anything... and i would like to avoid slow death

    I'll try and find a way to trick him and take his weapon away.. it is easy to say,... but your in a desparate situation.. and your living instinct... the animal instinct residing inside you... awake em~! once after you scanned the situation of coarse... ^^" hehe...

    But then again.. i never been in such situation... i planned to do something like that... but.. who knows if i'll panic or anything... sheesh some timing eh?

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    Re: What would you do if... (Random Question)

    Ummmm @.@ Carrying a knife everywhere?! Oh sheesh how happy am I to live in little old Latvia and the calm far-away-north part of big London...

    How in the hell could a person keep up with a car O.o Are we in x-man mode? @.@ lol ^^ but ok the situation is clear... What would I do? umm... if I'm in a car I'd drive away fast... If I'm walking I'd run in the nearest house and get into someone's appartment...
    If none of that works... I'd just try to look as cute and harmless and not-sexy as I can... Well what else in the world can I do?
    Well if the situation is really desparate and I know I'll die one way or another (like in Ray's desert case ), I'd fight as I can... bite, kick (in the balls! yea!), hit... whatever... umm... and pray in my mind

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    Re: What would you do if... (Random Question)

    Quote Originally Posted by Lasura View Post
    How in the hell could a person keep up with a car O.o Are we in x-man mode?
    Yeah, pretty much. The guy looked like one of those crazy serial killers you see on the movies--and you know how most serial killers in movies are kinda supernatural/powerful.

    That's what raised the question between me and 59wayz. LOL. I even asked him, "What if you just kept running him over like on Jeepers Creepers, when the girl kept hittin' the monster in reverse?" He said, "Well then he earned the car, he can have it." LOL.

    I dunno, I'm still stickin' with my "tuck and roll" strategy. He can chase the car, and have it if he wants. I'm runnin' like hell!

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