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Thread: What are you looking for in life?

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    Re: What are you looking for in life?

    It's hard too say for me what I'm looking for in my life...
    But I think it's happiness with me...
    Cause I never felt happy or at ease...
    It's been not very pleasant for me in my past...
    And maybe I'm trying to look for is to seek...
    If I can forgive the person that hurted me in many ways...
    I'm looking for to try to end the spiral what I'm into...
    But the most I seek if there's a way to help any child with...
    A terrible past or whom have problems and need help...
    That's what I'm really looking for too...
    Good lord, I'm sorry. But at least your looking which is always good. I think I've found what I'm looking for though. And its all bottled up in one. Thats the freaking best thing in the world.

    Our love will go on until the end of time. I will always be yours and you will be mine.

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    Re: What are you looking for in life?

    Quote Originally Posted by koga23 View Post
    What am i looking for in life, To rule the world o.O ? XD jk

    Na i would just be happy with being with my Girlfriend, and settling down sometime with her.Tho bettering my self i wouldn't mind either, that way i would be a better person for me and her in the end of things.I would say i found half of what i was looking for in my life now the rest is up to me to make with the person i love.

    Edit : and wtf i am a vet and elite member o.O
    I'm looking for the same thing, except with my boyfriend, and I really do believe we'll get there too.

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    Re: What are you looking for in life?

    Thank you Neves-chan...
    Yeah I know..
    It's good that I'm looking...
    I'm glad you found what your looking for...
    That's the best thing you could ever have I think...
    We are affraid of losing controle...But why should you be affraid of losing it...While you didnt have it...

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    Re: What are you looking for in life?

    All I want from life it is happiness and ejyment to the full ^_^
    I want to create music as long as I live... not music to sale but music for me and people to enjoy.
    The people who have give up I see them as those who couldn't take life as it is: tough. For me only the brave people get to succeed in life. Life is tough... that why you become tougher and enjoy as much as you can.
    Nothing less from Pyro ^_^ Great Sig ^_^ THANK YOU!!!!
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    Re: What are you looking for in life?

    Quote Originally Posted by NevesElocin View Post
    Most of the threads I've been reading lately have been either down right silly or super serious. So I wanted to introduce one that can either or depending on how you think of it.

    So here's the basis of this thread. I was thinking earlier this morning (around two or three) and wondering why I make myself get up every morning. Why I continue to persevere regardless of how terrible each day had gone or is going. I was thinking " Am I living to get to the end or to make a new beginning" and yes thats a odd thing for somebody my age to be thinking but thats how it came out.

    For me I live out my life to see if I can do something better with myself. Even though each day can be a major thorn in my side some things do make the struggle worth it. And some people don't have a struggle and live their lives in bliss. What do those kinds of people live for? I mean if your so happy then you wouldn't mind dying if your already happy right?

    And thats another thing if you've found what your looking for what do you do once you've found it? Does it end there?

    And for those people who have given up on life, did they give up because they couldn't find what they were looking for or was it an act of desperatly trying to find that one thing that made them feel right?

    Ok this can go many, many diffrent ways. So have at it.
    I was at one time happy with going to school and working a dead end job, then one day it felt like I woke up and saw that four years have passed me and I was majoring in a subject that I didn't really like, and found that I enjoy teaching. so a year ago I changed my major from being Business to History so that I can become a History teacher and a football coach. That is why I wake up every day. I put down that video game controller, and that tv remote so that I can have a better future where I help students to want to come to school rather then bore them to death and make them hate my class, which is why hopefully this fall I will be going to CSUN to further that goal.

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    Re: What are you looking for in life?

    I think there should always be something you're looking for, and once you'v find it, set your sights on something else.

    What you live for, can not dictate the fact that you are living. Even if you are suicidal. You are still on a mission... all be it, a mission to eventually end your life... But that is a mission all the same. Just a destructive one.

    Just because someone has found what they are looking for, doesn't mean its time to die, just time to look for something else. Something more. A person with the highest degree still has something more to learn right?

    My reason for living, right now... is well mainly to flourish. I would say "my kids" because I am a mother... But, I never got my chance to shine. Or maye had the chance and didn't do it. But, my kids really need to see mommy live to her potential. So when I say flourish, I mean that from a parenting aspect as well.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: What are you looking for in life?

    To experience everything this world has to give me and to learn everything there is to learn. That is why I get up every morning.
    "I've come to deliver some bad luck" Train Hartnett

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    Re: What are you looking for in life?

    Simply just want to be a good worker, take care of my family, be a good member of society and be a good citizen, and always doing my part for keeping my country safe and proud.

    It's all I want, and I'm glad it is been going this way for me for a long time, and I'm so happy. Only need to keep working hard, and life will reward.

    Hello from DPRK!

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