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  • Yep! I love them both!

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  • meh... They're okay, I suppose.

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  • I like my dad more (or male legal guardian)

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  • I like my mom more (or female legal guardian)

    8 13.79%
  • I don't care for either of them.

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Thread: What are your parents like?

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    Re: What are your parents like?

    I would have to say that I love my parents. My parents have been married for 26 years and they both have diffidernt personalitys. My mom keeps everything in and hides here fellings and is a quiet and shy person. On the other hand my dad is a soical butterfly. Everyone wants to be his friend, and both of my parents have bad tempers which I gain between the two of them.

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    Re: What are your parents like?

    To tell you the truth, I don't get along with my parents anymore.

    My mom and dad have been having issues for quite a long time now and I've become so fedup with it, I barely speak to them. (Yes, I know we need serious help. -.-)

    I absolutely cannot stay in the same room/car/table/blah with my father or else we'll start breaking out in some huge arguement - Doesn't matter where we are. At parties, people's houses, school, home, etc. and in the end we'd probably be lashing out at each other and threatening each other.

    Yes, I know... It's not the greatest relationship. Our bond has already broken and I don't ever think it's going to be fixed. My parents still talk about divorcing too sooo...

    & with my mom, I guess you could say my relationship with her is better then my relationship with my father. We only start arguing a few times a week, unlike my dad and I. >_>
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    Re: What are your parents like?

    i love my parents to death.,...i've actually never got into a situation where i felt im being treated totally unfairly or getting into huge scene arguements. the one thing i HATE the most is arguing with a parent., whenever im being told to do sumthing i do it, and when i dont, though they do get frustrated, i do it afterwards and know exactly thats its my fault XD.
    best son in the world?....

    in plain, i dont argue., i hate it.
    a tip for those who find thier parents totally unreasonable.(as mean as it sounds)
    Dont EFF with them, do whats unfair to you and deal with it., once you buy your own house(and not move out at age 16 to go live with a friend or realetive) then thats where you can bitch and bitch about how the world hates you sooooo much.

    (if you hold a grudge on your parents, may god throw fire and brimstone at your crotch with the power of the heavens)

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    Re: What are your parents like?

    My mom is really cool! She's kind of emotional right now because I'm about to move out, so she randomly gets teary-eyed. But most of the time, we're like two friends. Though our arguments tend to more vocal than the ones between me and my dad.

    My dad is interesting. He grew up in a third-world country, so he kinda has those mentalities instilled in him. He had a really hard life when he came to America (because of his dad, he was considered an American and did not get government assistance when he "immigrated"). Therefore, he's really overprotective of me and my mom, and always tries his best to give us all we need. He gets stressed easily, which makes it him anger easily and unpredictably which is always interesting (not in a good way).

    Despite all this, I am truly blessed to have my parents. They would give up the world for me, and are willing to sacrifice everything and anything so I can be successful in my life. We have had our differences, and sometimes I wish they weren't my parents, but they love me and I love them. All in all, I don't think I would trade my parents for any other.


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    Talking Re: What are your parents like?

    My parents...they're both engineers and very busy but even if they are, they still give time for us and our family...We always attend the mass together, shopping, outing and so on. They're both very special to me and if ever i get the chance to protect them, I will at any cost...even giving up my own life as a sacrifice...that's how much I love them even if I'm not making such an achievement in the university (where I'm taking up animation)...even if I'm not a very studious and nearly perfect daughter...I want to let them know that I'll give up everything for them...because they have already given me almost everything that I needed (starting from birth) and I don't know (for now) how to move forward without them as my strength...

    "Never tell a man that you love him until he has declared his undying love for you."

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    Re: What are your parents like?

    I haven't got any parents to like. ANd my goodness it' been a while, i wonder if i know anyone on here still

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    Re: What are your parents like?

    I love my parents.They take care of me but recently they care much over. And that make them so annoying to me. And kill me.
    My mom is very calm woman * tranquil* and not easy to make her angry so that's good and she is hard worker , have a big heart full of compassion and always concern with me ..but my dad is the opposite of mom in many way like he is angry man and easy to make him angry so sometimes I fight with my dad and the people say that Iam like him ..But he have a wonderful thing that if you want any thing he will get it for you...Whatever...if you want his eyes he will give you but when he calm you get everything…so I love them …

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    Re: What are your parents like?

    My father has become quite humble in his old age, LOL. He used to be an a**hole, and he's made tons of mistakes, but it seems that all of his behaiviors and mistakes has led him to grow very much on a mental and spiritual level.

    My mother on the other hand seems to hurt me a lot of the time, though
    I love her dearly. It just seems to me that she lacks confidence and faith in me. She has no problems reminding me of my shortcomings, yet it seems she has difficulty when it comes to encouraging my thoughts and ideas.

    So yeah.. love 'em both, but they're still quite a pill to swallow at times.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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