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Thread: what's your most hurting experience..?

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    Re: what's your most hurting experience..?

    Hmmm... emotional or physical?

    Physically, I suppose it was when I was playing tag in a jungle-gym-type playground... metal-new ones, for safety apparently. (I miss the old swings that would pierce your fingers into living blister-monsters)

    Well, a person I didn't happen to like decided to yank my leg while I was moving from one small platform to another (floating stairs is what I called them, steps that were hung by metal bars)... needless to say, I lost balance and... well, I remember the 5-hit combo ( or was it 7? ) that ensued... As far as I remember, it was: hit head on one bar, foot kicking hard against another bar, elbow smashing into a bar, fingers being yanked off of another bar at full-force and smashing my other elbow on a platform, and my spine being crushed (no, not literally, just how it felt like) on the platform as my body was floating in mid-air, only my spine keeping from my entire falling flat on its back. ...then of course (the sixth hit), falling face flat on the wood-chipped floor.

    That hurt. Seriously.

    Sure, I've jumped off of a 40-mph scooter and lost a chunk of meat. I've fallen from 30 feet in the air and landed straight on my back. I've had a bowling ball hit my head. I've ran at full-speed and hit my head on a brick wall. I've cut my leg up against a sharp rock in salt water. And I've been beaten up so much that I can't even count them at all.

    BUT SERIOUSLY, NOTHING COMPARES TO THAT! >_O I swear to goodness! Those wooden jungle-gyms were safer!! I shoulda' signed a petition against these "new" and "safe" playgrounds! D*MN IT HURT!!

    As for emotional? Psh, as far as I know, this topic isn't my friend, so it has no right to know at all!

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    Re: what's your most hurting experience..?

    i donno what mine would be .... my gandad that died last year i was really close to him i mean i was not my sis was wose than i was but it was black days for weeks after no one wanted or did anything

    or else the time i feel off the tolit when i was younger

    i was getting somrthing from a shlef and i had to stand on the tolit to get to it and we didnt have a sit on it at the time and i was soo terrafed of spiders and there was a big ass mutant one on the window i tryed to get off but i ended up slping my food got cought in the tolit and my head it full wak off the sink onto the floor and i when to hospaile right after that
    ¬__¬ had to take this offol medacie after ewww it was rottion

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    Re: what's your most hurting experience..?

    Seeing my father fight my mom when I was little. Because of that he was sent to jail for many years. I then grew up confused and alone without a caring father. But ever since I've found out the truth of what really happened, and about his dark past, I had then developed a deep hatred against him. But now I don't think about it much anymore. I don't know who he is anymore and I like it that way.

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