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Thread: What's you're favorite part of the holidays?

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    Re: What's you're favorite part of the holidays?

    Hmmm... Everything, I guess. I mean, the jolly, carefree atmosphere is a nice break from every day reality. And then there's the time off... Paid vacations are more enjoyable than working, if you ask me. ...All those gadgets, gizmos, and other galore during the holidays...

    Holiday-themed is always fun to listen and sing too. Elvis classics, traditional Welsh songs, either way, they're all fun. Oh, and the Christmas lights, the wonderful Christmas lights... I mean, have you guys seen how crazy some people get when decorating their houses?

    And there's the food, too, but to tell you the truth, I'm not as amped up about food as other Christmasy things. Though the seasonal spiced Apple Cider and the boxes of mini-chocolate wine bottles with actual wine in 'em are nice...
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    Re: What's you're favorite part of the holidays?

    My favorite thing about the holidays is the change of seasons, my family and I tend to move around a lot, but it was always in the south, Now for the past two years, I've had a white Halloween, Thanksgiving, soon to be my first white christmas, and a white birthday. Following that I just like the togetherness of everyone, you can most definitely feel it in the air.

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    Re: What's you're favorite part of the holidays?

    Quite simply put...I like the simplicity and tranquility of the holidays. Aside from being off of school, which we all know is a drag, long, tedious, and painful, it gets away from certain aspects of the every day living and into something where a family can get together for one special day of the year and be a true family. Quite the niceness. Even better than presents...when my parents see I'm happy.
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    Re: What's you're favorite part of the holidays?

    Well... I like to live through my children in a sense. Keeping the magic alive.
    There is nothing better than to see that radiant glow on christmas morning. (Yes, I believe adrenaline rushing through is what cause this glow).

    They both still believe in Santa. And its so fun to go through the motions in order to feed into that fantasy. The little white lies, and the hiding of gifts, manipulating them in order to keep them in good behavior (to stay on santa's "good list").

    Not that I condone lying... but its all for the cause. <<< (I kinda felt like Pres. Bush when I said that).
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    Re: What's you're favorite part of the holidays?

    Well my favourite part of the holiday is that I can rest from school... At least that's how I feel right now... The school has made me so exhausted that I can not think of anything else but how happy I am that I do not have to study for exams... sadly...

    Well but of course, the main thing in Christmas is family and I've always found it great to psend this time with them in he warmth and lovliness of our living room... It's very nice... But now I really don't know if I'll even be able to enjoy that as someone also close to the heart will be missing... sheesh... that is so pathetic... >.< I hate it... why do you have to fall in love?

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    Re: What's you're favorite part of the holidays?

    Hmm.. well lets see...

    Spending time with the ones I love and care about, although that isn't going to happen this year... The one i love is half way around the world and has no way to get here.. I miss him and want him here... to hold me in his arms christmas eve watching the snow fall... Having that lovely, tender, sweet moment.... -sighs- But since that's not going to happen.. I wish him Happy Holidays.
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    Re: What's you're favorite part of the holidays?

    Quote Originally Posted by kedar View Post
    Love, mirth, and gladness of it all. But in our household, we try to celebrate all days like they are festivals. The sad part now is that I am not physically close to my family, as I am studying far away (abroad).


    I live with my uncle (my mom's brother), and he's entertaining. <Haha> So, I make merry with him and my friends. =P But I wish I had my lovely mother and sisters, awesome older brother, and my silly dad within my arms reach. And my grandparents, and all my lovelies. My Divine God, I miss them so much.
    awww that's soo sad. i am still in high school so i am physical and emotionaly close to them. well it's not all that bad because you still have someone you love around you during the holidays ^^.
    but i would also miss them if i wasn't close to them. so i also plan to go to a college close to them so i can spend the holidays with them as well ^^.
    but i am sorry you can't spend your holidays with your family V_V

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    Re: What's you're favorite part of the holidays?

    Definitely the holiday atmosphere.......
    I just love walking on the streets and seeing the little kinds and their families trying their best to carry their huge amounts of toys and presents........
    You could almost smell the holidays....the warmth and the cheerful spirit.........all the laughter and happiness......
    Especially if it snows.......I just love the morning after a snow storm........you look outside your window and the word seems so peaceful and quiet.........like it is covered by a a beautiful, pure, white blanket......

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