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Thread: who is more prone to getting AIDS?

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    Re: who is more prone to getting AIDS?

    Quote Originally Posted by LenMiyata View Post
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    Actually, this is inherited RESISTANCE to AIDS, and not a cure. Unless your born homozygous with this very rare gene (and having two copies of this rare gene is very very rare!!!), then tough luck, as its not possible to change your parents after the fact, and the white blood cells can't be transfered in quantity without a serious risk of a fatal transplant/host rejection.
    I understand what you are saying, but certain people who are the decendants of the genertaions before them who were immune to the plague are alos immune to AIDS. They tested tis and everything

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    Re: who is more prone to getting AIDS?

    I think what Len's getting at is that, even though there are individuals who are resistant to becoming ill after exposure to the HIV virus, that's not really a cure, as it's extremely difficult to develop a safe and effective medicine/medical technique that can harness that resistance. Only those with the recessive gene in two copies are resistant, there is currently nothing on the market that can provide that sort of resistance to everyone else. Several pharmaceutical companies have developed and tested drugs that promise to prevent HIV transmission, but so far, none have been successful. So right now, there's still nothing that will prevent someone from contracting HIV other than refraining from high-risk behavior, and there's no cure for AIDS.
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    Re: who is more prone to getting AIDS?

    there are these people who are immune from AIDS

    a long time ago there was this plague and it was very similar to AIDS

    and well the generations from those people who had gotten it are immune to AIDS

    a lot of people do not know this those but it's been tested and proved

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