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Thread: who's ur hero?

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    Re: who's ur hero?

    Quote Originally Posted by shounenyaoi View Post
    whos ur hero? many people have a lot of hero's but...a hero for me is someone that always stands by urside nomatter the consiquece or no matter wat happens. a hero can be a person that affected ur life in a good way like ur parents, ur parents have done alot for u, even if they get mad at u, hit u, scream at u, get mad at u,...but..no matter wat happens ur their child and at the end they will risk their life to save u..
    my hero is my mom,..we used to fight everysingle day and before she died..the last word i told her was that i hate her..but at the end...she was the only family i got..and nobody can change the past one last time so i could utlist tell her that...she was MY ONLY HERO. but now i cant take back wat i said in the past cuz life goes on. becarful to not hurt ur hero's cuz they might be the only ones that stay beside u wen the world gives u its back.
    My hero is Teresa from the Claymore series. I like her, because she is willing to break the rules in the name of humanity. She takes such good care of the little girl who travels with her. I really like that the little girl takes her place.

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    Re: who's ur hero?

    I have several heroes, so I'll just talk about each one and why they are my hero.

    First up is Bert McCracken from The Used. He's my hero because he has had some rough spots (he lived on the streets, his ex girlfriend died pregnant with his child while recording The Used's second album In Love And Death), but he always gets through it by writing music. This inspires me as I play Guitar when I'm going through rough spots (not just then though xD).

    Next up is Kurt Cobain from Nirvana. He is my hero as Nirvana are my next big influence, so I'm just influenced by Kurt.

    Finally, it's Charlie Simpson from Fightstar. Just a little information about Fightstar: they are a British Post Hardcore band, and they're lead singer/Rhythm Guitarist Charlie Simpson used to be in the British Pop band Busted. However, the music of Busted didn't fufil Simpson (who grew up on bands like Deftones and Metallica). He says that towards the end of his time in Busted, he was thinking stuff like 'I can't do this anymore', which is exactly how I felt in my last few weeks at school (where I was treated horribly by the other kids, which I had been going through since I started, but got gradually worse as school progressed), and I just connected with Charlie and it was because of him and his bands music (Fightstar) (as well as my other favourite bands) that I was able to get through those rough last weeks.

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