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Thread: Why Does A Girl Need A BoyFriend Before An Education

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    Why Does A Girl Need A BoyFriend Before An Education

    When I was in school my parents laced in to my head that my grades and extracurricular activites were important. I could work as long as I kept my grades and sports up. My life in high school was supposed to hinge on school or so my parents believed.

    I could go to school dances but my parents would not pay for anything. And I was not allowed to date until I was 16 but same rule with dances. And I would never bring a woman over to my house while I was in High School becase you just didn't do that in my house. Sex was okay but I better never get a woman pregnant because here again my parents would have not helped. Now we were all boys save for my mother, who had a very hard strict line on all these issues.

    This helped us focus on our school work a lot. And I believe I was raised right. So imagine my surprise when my moms friends granddaughter was around and surely enough her grand ma and my mom were giving her hell over not having a boyfriend. Why the sudden need to get a boyfriend? Well she is turning 13. I was floored, and I was mad. I noticed though before how different parents treat these issues with there children. With boys the subjects tend to be about sports and grades.

    I think this difference is turning out a generation of prostitots and I can't believe that women are actually perpetuating this stuff. I mean I think that a woman should graduate high school before we try to set her on track to become a breast flashing whore like Paris Hilton, at least that way they would be more aware of the consepuences of their actions.

    It disturbs me that the same people who preach independance and hard work to boys then tell tweens that they need to keep there mouths shut and their lips open and rely on men. How is that right. If every girl does that they will be getting boyfriends and 13, having sex by 15 and get knowcked up at 16 becuase nowhere in any of my moms or her friends rantings did they even make sure that the person who they are urging to start dating even knew what safe sex was.

    Telling girls (not women) that they Need a boy friend before they need a high school diploma is wrong. But tell me what you think.

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    Re: Why Does A Girl Need A BoyFriend Before An Education

    Agreed lol. But that's not the case with all girls. If they care about their future and want to become independent then they'll deal with their education first before they deal with a boyfriend. It does have a great deal to do with the parents/grandparents and whoever else has a major impact on their life. Many are still rather traditional and believe that women should be simple housewives who don't need an education, just a supporting husband. In my humble opinion, these people need to get a life of their own.

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    Re: Why Does A Girl Need A BoyFriend Before An Education

    If you ask me, girls dont need boyfriends until they are out of school, but I guess that will never happen, I mean come on, I have a girlfriend, but she lives across the country so I never see her, but I still put my school before her any day
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    Re: Why Does A Girl Need A BoyFriend Before An Education

    that was a well formulated...and bulletproof arguement. People really need to look at themselves and make sure they arent hipocrites like older women wanting daughters to rely on men but be independent. I'm sure there are a few cases where a girl could get a boyfriend before highschool is over, but if most didnt, and they relied on themselves, it would be a better world.
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    Re: Why Does A Girl Need A BoyFriend Before An Education

    I guess it is just sexist talk. People in China drown baby girls. Women are starting to realize they are not Cinderella and no prince will save them from economic hardship. Females are discouraged to go into male dominated career fields thinking that their only achievement is making babies. The drive to succeed is tough in a sexist world. People however applaud female achievements with films that show women in power like in movies like "Elizabeth" and "Amelia". The world is still changing with racism, old taboos, religious persecution, rape and violence towards women, especially in third world countries and the sex slave traffic. It's tough but women have been making ground since women's lib, Rosie the riveter, and women in sports.

    Education is important, I guess women feel a need to reproduce and have a kid to sometimes feel like a natural woman. Many women feel being a mother is something they want to experience in life. Too bad single moms don't get support from a deadbeat boyfriend. My sister didn't want to pursue child support payments but is back in school to take culinary classes to be a chef. College is hard without emotional support and financial support but she doesn't regret have a son because she sees it as part of her identity to be a mother even though her boyfriend lied that he was going to marry her. My little nephew Jordan is cute as a button and she is doing a good job raising him and going through college.

    I guess it is just a matter of self-esteem and the courage to pursue higher education that will lead the way. I guess many girls feel lost with society's conflicting messages to be sexy, a mother, a home maker or a barbie doll. A woman belongs in the house or the House of Representatives. Go Hillary Clinton!

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    Re: Why Does A Girl Need A BoyFriend Before An Education

    Then encourage your daughters to play sports, speak out in class, excel in math and science, encourage her to pursue her dreams with vigor and gusto.

    Changing women starts with changing girls, and changing girls starts with changing children, so when it's your time, get it right.
    Otherwise you'll end up as the good for nothing parents that raise those trampy girls.

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    Re: Why Does A Girl Need A BoyFriend Before An Education


    I believe when a teenaged girl is mature enough to handle a relationship, then she should be allowed to try. But these days there are hardly any girls from the ages of thirteen-fifteen that are mature enough to be caught up in the dating scene, but are dating nonetheless.

    Today, most mothers don't bother teaching their children about anything. They don't even care if their children are involved with drugs or alcohol, or has boys/girls "sleeping" with them. In fact, alot of them actually encourage it.

    They tell their daughters that they should lose their virginity ASAP, and that they should sleep around while they are still young. That they should have a good "trophie" collection. Meaning; see how many boyfriends they can dump.

    I am sixteen. I am a virgin, and will remain so until I am married. I believe being a virgin is something to be proud of, not something to be embarrassed about.

    Schooling is important, yet risky. If parents can't pick up their children after school, there is no telling what the kids could get into. There are many possibilities. A few of them are: sex, drugs, alcohol, vandalism and other crimes.

    With so-called "sex education" in schools these days, it only makes things worse.

    Abu Dhabi has a very good point in his reply. Today's parents should start teaching their children.

    Meow. :3

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    Re: Why Does A Girl Need A BoyFriend Before An Education

    ^Well put.

    I'll have to agree with the majority here. Though I am a guy, I say that so long as they can handle it, it shouldn't be a problem. Though with all due respect, parents could help or assist if they deemed it necessary.

    I guess I know from experience, my first girlfriend and honestly myself just couldn't hold a dedication after about starting our 5th month of dating due to overwhelming work loads and other problems I won't mention due to personal reasons on here. Eventually we just couldn't stay together anymore. And hey, we're still friends, so in the end I believe it all worked out.

    ...So, in conclusion, I don't know. Guess it depends on the person and their influences.
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