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Thread: Why are most Anime fans such stereotypes?

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    Re: Why are most Anime fans such stereotypes?

    Well, when you love something Japanese you sooner or later start liking everything Japanese I guess. Well that's how it is for me. This is because Japanese culture is so much different from any other. It atracts people. Maybe because of all the traditions, they are still very strong, comparing to any other culture I know, people are giving up on traditions, but it seems they still need them, just they are looking for cool ones and I guess Japanese is the best variant nowadays.

    Well but of course it can't be the same for all people, everyone is different in some way. Some might like anime just because it's cool, not because it's different. It depends on what each person is searching for. I find cool in anime, but, at the same time, I've always tried to be different, always loved what is different...

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    Re: Why are most Anime fans such stereotypes?

    Cultures, to me japanese culture is very interesting to learn with... i know that i know little about it... but it seems by watching anime i have learnt a lot.. i think i fill a few criteria up there..

    I do love anime... it's the best entertainment method to me the ideas and the moral values instilled in it is very good to make example to follow with.. most of them of course... ^^

    I love japanese music as well... too bad... i don't know much on them.. i only took the songs i like from animes now my pc got reprogrammed... i lost all the songs i downloaded.. such a shame.. all my poems and my japanese song collection... now trying to recollect em again... all over 300 songs... oh well.. ^^

    I would like to visit Japan someday... yea... tour.. holiday... what not.. it is one of the best place to be in a holiday with but the prices for everything there is so high.. i might only get to be there for less than a week.. or i'll die of starvation

    and love japanese people... o.O hmm.. i am not sure about that.. but i would love to befriend some of them~! glad i meet one or 2 in this site..

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    Re: Why are most Anime fans such stereotypes?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hassun View Post
    And what proof do you have that what you just said is the truth?
    Good question! I would also like to know what tangible evidence you have to back this statement up. Yeah, I love anime, want to go to Japan, speak a bit of the language and I even have a weakness for Asian girls; but those all came from different experiences and influences. Not just anime. I've always been interested in asian culture, I've always dressed differently and I've always wanted to learn a new language. So, just because I do all those things, I have to classify all those hobbies/goals in to one genre of animation??? That's absurd!

    Did you ever stop to think that maybe--just MAYBE--people such as myself, or anyone else for that matter, just happened to stumble across most of the things you listed. I mean, not everybody immediately realizes that they want to learn Japanese when they first start watching anime. Hell, not everybody chooses to dress differently from watching anime either. In fact, I've never known a single person who just woke up and said, "I think I'll dress Emo, because anime made me do it." Not one soul...

    If you like anime, leave it at that. You don't have to say that anime is the sole reason people are much different than you are.

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    Re: Why are most Anime fans such stereotypes?

    [QUOTE=ride them Jesus;577714]They always fill this criteria. I love Anime but it ends there.

    * Love Anime CHECK
    * Love Japanese culture CHECK
    * Love Japanese music (not in general.)
    * Keeps trying to learn as much Japanese as he/she can (not really.)
    * Want or have lived in Japan for some time (visit maybe, not live)
    * Think that Japanese are the most beautiful people on Earth. (uhh...)

    You're not describing an anime lover. You're describing people who just love Japan and its culture all together. Kinda sounds like my boyfriend, I call him a a "Japedifile" lol.


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    Re: Why are most Anime fans such stereotypes?

    well for me i just like to be different and thats like what japen is. DIfferent!
    and i love it. I dont like to be like everyone else. I try to be different.
    And i dont know if everyone is like that that likes anime but i do know quite a few people who are like that. I think it just comes with with the fact that anime originates in japan. That could be it. XD

    and i cant help it that Gakt is like sooooo HOT!!
    he has pretty eyes and nice abs. XD so hot.

    ~Falling in love one step at a time~

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    Re: Why are most Anime fans such stereotypes?

    I would just like to note, that most people watch anime due to boredom, although i'm just guessing here. But someone people just like to watch anime, simply because it is indeed, awesome. I'm not really sure why you made this post, do you not like anime....or what's the deal buddy.

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    Re: Why are most Anime fans such stereotypes?

    And what's wrong with liking another culture? there are a ton of ppl who enjoy different cultures~ some people like chinese, english, russian etc. culture. I like the Chinese culture and the japanese culture a lot. I sparks my interest, not cuz i like anime, i've liked the japanese culture before i really knew what anime was. I started taking japanese before getting really into anime.
    ~And for lolita~maybe cuz it's hott??? I luv the whole gothic lolita, cute lolita style (not that i dress up like it) But it's hott~
    ~japanese the most prettiest ppl on earth....???o_O umm.... no, i don't think they are the prettiest on the earth, there are plenty of other pplz that are pretty (don't get me wrong japanese are pretty, but come on you can't forget the koreans! XD)
    ~Japanese music... well i love it cuz the japanese know how to rock! i don't like american rock it's never interested me that much,,, japanese rock=true rock

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    Re: Why are most Anime fans such stereotypes?

    Well... this is not completelly true, yes there are many people as you decribe here... however there are a lot more that do not fit the description. it is -for me- kind of non-sense to generalize the whole just by the views of some.
    Plus... what is wrong in wanting to expand our knowledge about other cultures?
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